Your Spiritual Journey

So you are officially on a spiritual journey and are in the process of discovering yourself, the divine, and everything in between…Congrats! For some of you, this may seem like a glorious and harmonious process, while for the rest of us, it can feel like your insides are being ripped open and you are just looking for the light and yet for others, it may feel like a lifelong process. Well, you are all right…this can at times feel beautiful and then absolutely grotesque so here are some crystals that I recommend to help you during this process. These are the ones that I use constantly, yet for others, the list may look slightly different. I will add the 5 I use and then I will provide you with 5 more that can be of use to you too. Ready?…

Top 5 Crystals to Help You On Your Spiritual Journey

  • Smoky QuartzAmethyst, Rose Quartz and Quartz pendulum
  • Garnet
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst 
  • Labradorite

Smoky Quartz

If you are a long-time reader of this blog, you are sick of this recommendation and I’m slightly offended… kidding!. Look, this is an abundant stone that gives you some major bang for your buck. First off, it’s going to transmute the amount of negative or stagnant energies around you AND within you. This is necessary when you are doing some shadow work. In addition, it’s going to keep you grounded and tethered to this earthly realm while you go explore during dreaming (this is a whole other post but trust me for now). Finally, it brings those high vibrational energies down to you so you are able to access and feel them more. When I tell you I wear mine every single day it’s for all these reasons. 


I like to pair my garnet with smoky quartz. Garnet, like smoky quartz, is going to activate your root chakra and keep you grounded. Often times when we start exploring our intuition and trying to connect with our guides and such, we tend to lose focus of our human bodies and earthly needs. This often leads to headaches, back pains, and oftentimes having our regular lives just fall apart because we simply can’t be bothered. 


Since we have our grounding needs met, Amethyst is your prime choice to help you start exploring your intuition and your connection with the divine. This stone is readily available and fairly inexpensive so you are allowed to indulge. Placing amethyst on your third eye during meditation is going to help bring your awareness outside of your body and into another energetic plane. Wearing it will also allow you to lean into your intuition a lot easier and help you listen to your inner voice. If you are feeling extra spicy, placing amethyst under your pillow will allow you to have more symbolic and prophetic dreams. I do this often when I feel disconnected or am trying to hear a message to better connect me with my higher self. 


 This is an absolute stunner of a stone. In addition, every stone is different, some may have blue flashes, yellow, purple, and even pink flashes. Labradorite is another stone that aims at helping you connect with the divine, your intuition, and offer protection as well. Labradorite is also known as a “magical” stone since it is known to enhance and accentuate any special gifts or abilities that you may possess, this includes clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc. 

Alternative 5 Stones to Help You on Your Spiritual Journey

Purple Fluorite

Fluorite works like a psychic vacuum, removing dense and stagnant energies from your aura. It also helps you connect with Spirit. 

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is the only stone that is programmable, so if there is a specific request, need or intention that you need, clear quartz is your friend.  There are many types of quartz formation, so some light research before looking for one (or just following your intuition) is recommended. 


 Charoite has also been known to awaken gifts that have been laying dormant. This is a wonderful stone that helps you stay grounded while exploring your spiritual gifts. 


Pyrite is a stone that works mainly with the solar plexus BUT during meditation, it will help bring balance to your auric field and provide a boost of energy to continue on your journey. Think of it as an espresso shot for your spiritual self. 

Black Jade

Black Jade is, in itself, a very dense and heavy stone, energetically speaking and that is because it does a lot. Black Jade has been known to work as a protection stone. It can help protect against what is commonly referred to as energy vampires and provide grounding for its user/wearer. 

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