How to Care  for Your Custom Made Jewelry

Your new piece has come cleansed and charged and ready to sync with your energy. It’s ready to wear. How fantastic!

After extended use, we highly recommended a cleanse and a charge.

Selenite White 1


What does it mean to “Cleanse your Crystals?”

After extended use of your crystals, they tend to pick up your energy and/or energy around them (both positive and negative). Cleansing will release this energy and return your piece back to its original state. One way to cleanse your piece is a rinse through running water.

Most of our items are water friendly, but other stones (for example Selenite) will not do well in water. If you purchased the crystal from us and it does not go well with water, it will be carefully marked on your package. If you received a crystal piece from another source, we recommend some research prior to cleansing using water.

What does it mean to “Charge your Crystals”?

Charging your crystals is a way to “recharge” your piece so its healing effect can be increased and fortified. Our favorite way to recharge is lay our crystals on a window sill or outside during a full moon. This is the easiest and softest way to refresh your crystals. There are some sources that suggest using direct sunlight. We usually advice against this since the harsh light of the sun can fade the natural color of some crystals, such as amethyst and rose quartz.

As with any jewelry piece, we don’t suggest sleeping with your piece or showering with it, but do place it nearby, like your nightstand, to continue receiving its healing effects.

Our jewelry is one of a kind and made by hand. Whether you chose your piece or it chose you, we have made it with positive intentions and loving energy. We hope it helps you with your journey.