One of my most popular blog posts  here has been “Dreaming About Crystals”. I wrote it a few years ago and still gets a lot of click, so, I’ve decided to great a more indepth update and more information on what it means to dream of crystals. 

Dreaming and Symbolism

Dreams are a way for not only your subconscious to relay information that we may otherwise ignore during our waking period, but also for your guides to easily connect with you, since your defenses and critical thought part of your brain is down. I do have a whole  theory on what our souls do while we sleep, but I will save that for another post. 

When we dream of a crystal, its usually your guides trying to enlighten you with what you are needing in your life at that moment . For example, with me, I dreamt of a voice repeating the word “Selenite” into my ear. At that point in my life I had never even heard of the word but I knew I had to look it up, and sure enough, it’s exactly what I needed. The dream was so loud, that I had to say out loud “I got it. I’m writing it down for morning, please let me sleep”. 

You don’t have to hear the name of the stone either, you can just see the stone in your dream. I’ve had clients tell me they dreamt someone was handing them the stone or they were walking a cave lined with a stone or even they dreamt of themselves shopping for the stone. All are valid and all are messages for you. 

What happens if I see the stone but don’t know the name of it?

Fear not, this happens a lot. My tip for you is to at least write down the color of the stone and if possible, the shape. Both of these will not only help you discover the name through some light research, but the color can provide a clue into what energetic center or chakra, is needing your attention. My eBook can provide a whole lot of insight on that.

As a quick guide, here are the colors of the chakras and what can cause imbalances. 

infographic for chakra health

Dreaming of Crystals and their Meaning


Your own intuition is one of the greatest gifts the divine has instilled in you to guide you. Are you listening to your inner voice and what is has to say? Are you getting a gut feeling that you can’t shake? Do you already know what your answer is but don’t want to face reality? Listen to you inner voice. This is also a big invitation to work on your third eye and crown chakra health. Make meditation a part of your daily practice, even if it’s a few minutes before bed, you need to make time for it.


Quartz is considered to be a Master Healer stone and an amplification stone, meaning it amplifies the energy of the stones around it. Dreaming of Quartz is a call for healing, a call for magic and a call to really dive deep into your spirituality. In the dream, try to recall what you were feeling? Were you feeling peaceful? Scared? Analyze where in your waking life you feel any intense emotions. If you are feeling fearful or apprehensive, you need to take a look on how to remedy the situation. If something is making you feel good or happy (yay!) then it’s right for you and you should continue following this direction.

As a Master Healer stone, this can also be a call to start living your life’s purpose. If you have ever been in interested in learning about healing modalities like reiki, crystals, or if you have been interested in connecting deeper to your spiritual roots to serve others, this is your big sign. Start exploring. You can start by connecting in our community too. If you really want to go into exploring your chakras and learning about symptoms and techniques, make sure to check out my eBook. You can use coupon code RLFamily for 50% off.


Dreaming of Selenite signifies you are being asked to release things that no longer serve you. Cut ties with those who do not have you best interest at heart or let go of situations that are detrimental to your spiritual, mental and physical health. This could be relationships, work environments, living arrangements or even ideas  that no longer fit who you are. This is a tricky one for a lot of people because as we grow and evolve, there are ideas and values that were instilled in us, that no longer feel true. Be aware of what teachings were passed on that no longer sound true. 

This is also a good opportunity for a energetic cleanse. A good smudging or Spiritual Bath can help remove the stagnant energies from your energetic field plus, it can assist in getting clarity over those environments that need attention and change from you. 

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz Pink Stone
Rose Quartz with Dendritic Vein

 Dreaming of Rose Quartz is all about your heart chakra. Your heart chakra is related to not only romantic love, but love in all your other relationships and most importantly, love for yourself. You need to ask yourself where in your life are you missing this love? Are you taking care of yourself and are you showing YOURSELF the same love as you are showing others? It’s essential that you analyze where if there is indeed a level of care that you are missing for yourself. 

In addition, dreaming of Rose Quartz can also signify that you are making a lot of decisions from fear. Remind yourself when you are making fear based choices, you are limiting yourself to a very fear based reality. A really simple example I like to use is preparing a garden. You can chose to plant a garden because it is a labor of love and you want to nurture  Mother Nature or you plant on planting a garden out of fear of running out of food or with fear of killing your plants. One will provide you with a relaxing and fulfilling activity while the other will be a stress inducing event that will most likely not yield any successful fruit. One is based on love and the other is based on fear. How are you living your day to day?

When we shift our mentality to gratitude and love based decisions, I promise you, your perspective and your overall attitude to your day to day living will vastly improve. As a matter of fact, when we shift our mindset, we become better at manifesting positivity into our lives. It becomes easier to manifest all the good stuff in that we have been craving and it becomes your natural state (as it always should be). 

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Smoky Quartz

Dreaming of smoky quartz is a sign that you should probably be wearing or carrying this stone with you. Smoky Quartz is commonly known as a grounding stone but it also has the ability to transmute almost unlimited amount of negative energies. So this stone has dual meanings and you have to maybe do a little soul searching to see which one sounds true. Are you feeling ungrounded? Is there a concern for lack of safety or a lack of basics needs, for example a roof over your head, enough food, financial problems? If this resonates with you, spirit is asking you to stay positive. You are going to com

smoky quartz
Morion Smoky Quartz

e out of this just fine, but you have to make the changes necessary to help your situation. If you are looking for work, keep applying, your job is right around the corner. If your living arrangements are no longer working for you, put it out into the universe that you need a new place and go out and turn over stones. The Universe is conspiring with you, so keep going and don’t despair. 

The second meaning of Smoky Quartz has to do with negative or stagnant energies. These energies could be from others around you or even yourself. While being positive all the time is not only an unhealthy mentality but not viable, dreaming of smoky quartz may indicate that you are being less than kind to yourself (or even to others). Your energy may be heavy and bordering on pessimistic. You can even be an energy vampire yourself and not realize it. Where are your thoughts? Don’t think YOU are being the Debbie downer, then check the people around you. Who causes you to have a mental and even energetic drain? Who do you think may not have your best interest at heart? Consider protecting yourself with smoky quartz or even obsidian. A good cleanse like suggested in selenite can also assist. Don’t let other energies affect your light. Check them or check yourself!



Dreaming of pyrite is a bit of a warning. While pyrite in the waking world is believed to bring in financial abundance, it is also known as Fools Gold. Ask yourself where  are you running into head first that seems to good to be true? Is there someone making big promises? Your intuition is already kicking in and sending some warning signals up about potential problems or heartbreak down the line. What can you do? Do your homework. Ask all the questions and make sure you have everything in writing. Document and CYA. 

If you find yourself in a situation that has turned sour, count your losses and leave. You are entitled to change your mind and protect whatever you have left. Don’t be afraid to confront the situation and be honest with yourself and those around you.

In Conclusion 

So dreaming of crystals can offer some insight to your waking life but it also indicates that your spirit guides and the Universe always have your back and are always trying to communicate with you, you just have to listen. 

Don’t have a stone that you dreamt about? Leave me a comment below and let me know, I’ll try to come back with some more information or another one of our members will. 

Love and Light. 

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