Remember Love started in 2009 in Prague, Czech Republic. It began with me, founder and designer, Michelle Melo, personally handpicking authentic and unique crystal directly from the bead designer. I officially opened up shop in January 2010.

Michelle Melo Crystal Reiki Master sitting down posingAs the years passed, the I kept returning to my love of gemstones and natural crystals. In 2014 the announcement was made that Remember Love Jewelry will work exclusively with gemstones with the intention of healing and spreading positive energy to all who wear them.

With the marriage of unique design, a love for gemstone and an admiration of meditation and all things zen and positive, Remember Love  was born.

In 2014 I became a Reiki healer in the traditional Usui Reiki, while living in Quito Ecuador, when I was introduced to my Reiki Master, Debbie F. Working with energy with the intention to heal is such a beautiful experience that I began incorporating this healing energy into each and every one of our pieces. It was only natural that in 2017 I became a certified Crystal Reiki Master in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is the perfect marriage of Crystal healing and Reiki healing.

In 2016, I teamed up with Diana to create Remember Love Designs, which specializes in high-vibing stickers, prints and overall decor. We wanted to create something that reflected our beliefs and displayed our general thought of love and light for all.Purple Amethyst necklace with turqoise

Part of my life style is regular travel. I travel often and always carry Remember Love with me. I enjoy exploring the spiritual side of every country and look for inspiration and pieces to carry back with me to share with our clients, including new healing techniques and knowledge. I always saw that Remember Love Healing and Jewelry is my spiritual journey expressed. 

As I live out what I consider my life’s purpose, I travel world-wide hosting workshops, spreading knowledge about crystals and energy healing. I also host workshops and courses online to anyone who feels pulled to learn on their own spiritual journey. 

As for my handcrafted and reiki infused jewelry, I pride myself in traveling the world and exclusively selecting the most vibrant and positive gemstones for Remember Love Healing Jewelry. Each piece is handmade and made with positivity. No two pieces will ever be alike and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you ever come across one of Remember Love’s handcrafted jewelry,  whether you chose this piece or this piece chose you, a lot has gone into it. I have made it with loving intentions and energy. I hope this piece helps you with your sacred journey, whatever it may be.

Thank you for joining the Remember Love Community and I hope to connect with you soon. 

Love and Light,

Michelles Signature