How to Cleanse Your Crystals

In the world of spiritual practices, crystals hold an esteemed place for their beauty and their ability to channel the Earth’s energies. Just as we need rest and rejuvenation to maintain our vigor, our crystalline companions, too, require regular cleansing to continue helping us with their fullest potential. This guide delves into the nuances of safely cleansing your sacred stones, ensuring they remain vibrant conduits of healing and support.

Understanding Crystal Sensitivity

Each crystal, with its unique composition, resonates with specific frequencies and crystalline structure demands tailored care. Knowing which crystals are sensitive to water or sunlight is important to keep your crystal safe from any damage. For instance, while amethyst may lose its color under the sun, selenite can dissolve in water after prolonged exposure. Knowing these sensitivities ensures that in our efforts to energetically cleanse our stones and crystals, we do not end up harming them.

Safe Cleansing Methods

Water Cleansing: Not all is lost for crystals when it comes to water. Hardier stones, or stones high on the MOH scale,  such as clear quartz and tiger’s eye, can endure a gentle rinse under lukewarm water, providing a purification that’s both physical and energetic. Proceed with caution, though, and if in doubt, opt for safer alternatives.

Sunlight and Moonlight Energizing: The nurturing glow of sunlight and the gentle glow of moonlight can both purify and charge crystals. Short, intermittent exposures can benefit crystals such as citrine without causing damage. Conversely, the moonlight offers a safer, more uniform method of cleansing that suits virtually all crystals, especially those sensitive to direct sunlight.

Water pouring over crystals
Rose Quartz, Citrine and Clear Quartz cleansing in water

Salt Water Cleansing: Mimicking the ocean’s natural purification, a saltwater soak can effectively cleanse stones. However, this method is not suitable for all, as certain minerals can react adversely to saltwater. For those that can withstand it, ensure a brief and occasional immersion to prevent potential corrosion.

Smoke Cleansing: When water and sunlight are not viable options, smoke cleansing emerges as a gentle yet powerful alternative. The sacred smoke from herbs like sage or palo santo, rosemary and even lavender, can envelop the crystals, drawing away any stagnant or negative energies without physically altering the stones. This technique is universally safe for all crystals. As always, when using fire, always use the proper precautions. 

Satin Spar (Selenite): Within the spiritual community,  although both are gypsums, satin spar is often mislabeled as selenite. For the purposes of folks finding this blog post, we will continue to call it selenite. What makes selenite an exceptional choice for cleansing is its inherent ability to draw out and neutralize negative energies. By simply placing other stones upon or beside a piece of selenite, you invite a gentle yet effective cleansing process. It’s a method that’s entirely safe for all crystals, irrespective of their specific vulnerabilities.

The process is elegantly straightforward. Lay your selenite flat on a surface, creating a tranquil platform for your other stones. Gently place the crystals you wish to cleanse on the selenite and allow them to rest. You can leave them for as little as thirty minutes or as long as overnight, depending on your intuition and the stones’ needs. The selenite does the rest, imparting its purifying energy and recharging your crystals.

Music for Crystal Cleansing

In the realm of energy healing, sound, too, plays a crucial role. Energy infused music offers a vibrational cleansing devoid of physical contact, making it an ideal method for all crystals, irrespective of their sensitivities. Music played at certain Hz can have healing qualities, not only for the stones but for ourselves.  By setting an intention and allowing the harmonious vibrations to surround the stones, we facilitate a deep energetic cleansing. Here is a playlist you can use.

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How Often to Cleanse Your Crystals

The frequency of cleansing depends on usage and exposure to different environments. A general rule of thumb is to cleanse your crystals with each new or full moon, ensuring they are cleared of any absorbed energies.  Additionally, after intense sessions or whenever you feel a decrease in a crystal’s energy, it’s a good time to consider cleansing. If you are an energy healing practitioner, we also recommend cleansing before and after each client.

Before We Part: Final Wisdom on Crystal Cleansing

Cleansing your crystals is a vital practice in maintaining their efficacy and your connection to them. By adopting the appropriate methods and schedules for cleansing, you ensure your crystals remain potent allies in your spiritual and healing endeavors. With care, respect, and intention, your journey alongside these earth-given treasures will flourish, enhancing your wellbeing and spiritual growth.

We wish you the best of luck as you go through your healing and spiritual journey. Crystals are such a magical component of any practice and we are so happy you have found us a resource. Love and Light. 

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