I founded Remember Love in 2010 and has since grown as my own spiritual journey has evolved. I hold a BS in Health Sciences, I am a Crystal Reiki Master and currently pursuing a degree in Holistic Ministry. I adhere to the idea of COMPLEMENTARY Healing instead of "Alternative" Healing. I defend the belief that there is a responsible and ethical way to perform energy healing and in sharing the space as traditional medicine, but NEVER to replace it.  I also believe we all need to hold space for ourselves when it comes to things of the spirit and empowering ourselves to walk our own paths instead of being told what to believe in. Be free to explore! I Invite you to explore and connect. What have you done for your spirit today?

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Are you just discovering your Spiritual side and have questions? Want to hear something that vibes a little better than the usual serial killer podcast (I like them too!)? Then grab your favorite hot drink and join me as I (Michelle Melo; Owner of Remember Love) dive into it all. Not only is this a Podcast for those who are both coming into their Spiritual practice but for those those who have been at it for a long time. My goal is to ensure you are empowered and know that it's all a process and you are welcomed into the New Age community. Listen where ever you listen to your favorite podcast.