Crystal Healing

Using the Natual Energies of Crystals for Spiritual & Emotional Health

Reiki Healing

All Our Pieces are Reiki Charged by a Certified Crystal Reiki Master


One of our Goals is to Make All Our Knowledge Readily Accesible to Everyone

Michelle Melo
Creator & Crystal Reiki Master

"I started Remember Love in 2010 which has evolved and continues to evolve, through my own personal Spiritual Journey. As a young child, I collected and learned about all the properties of crystals and stones, so Crystal Healing jewelry is a personal and sacred act of love. I adore working directly with my clients to create custom pieces with specific intention aimed in using crystal energy for overall spiritual and emotional well being. To all my clients, thank you for the love and support".
-Michelle Melo

Listen to Our Podcast

Are you just discovering your Spiritual side and have questions? Want to hear something that vibes a little better than the usual serial killer podcast (I like them too!)? Then grab your favorite hot drink and join me as I (Michelle Melo; Owner of Remember Love) dive into it all. Not only is this a Podcast for those who are both coming into their Spiritual practice but for those those who have been at it for a long time. My goal is to ensure you are empowered and know that it's all a process and you are welcomed into the New Age community. Listen where ever you listen to your favorite podcast.