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Everything You Need to Become a Confident Crystal Reiki Practitioner

The practice of Crystal Reiki is a fairly young and emerging technique in the field of Reiki. It works on the basis that crystals and gems have healing properties that can be channeled to help the people spiritually, emotionally, and mentally while providing overall well-being in one’s life. 

Do you love already crystals but don’t know how to use them? Have an already existing healing business and want to expand to include crystal healing? This is the class for you. I’ll walk you through how to become a confident and intuitive Crystal Reiki Practitioner with this amazing course.

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Michelle Melo, Certified Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher

I have been working with the power of crystals for over 20 years! I love them and have seen their magic work first hand. I am a Crystal Reiki Master and Usui Reiki Master practicing my craft all over the world. I graduated with my B.S. in Health Sciences and have an Honorary Doctorates in Metaphysics. 

Teaching and empowering individuals is what I am most passionate about. I hope you can join me in discovering the ancient healing techniques of crystals and stones. 

Reviews by students of Remember Love

Just took my first class with Michelle Melo from Remember Love. It was a Crystal Reiki Healing Level I class. Michelle was a fantastic teacher. Engaging, knowledgeable and fun. She made sure to follow up with each of us to ensure that we knew that she was always available to us for anything. Her devotion to the practice was evident in the attention to details she provided. I can't wait till I'm able to continue my Reiki journey with her for level II!
[The class] was wonderful. Loved every minute of it. Thank you so much! The girls [other students] loved it and loved you [Michelle] too, how could they not!

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Michelle Melo Bio Happy Holding Pink Rose Quartz Stone
I am a Crystal Reiki Master with years of study and hands on practice. My goal is to educate and advocate for Integrative Health and the positive effects of energy healing and crystals. I am really excited you found my corner of the internet and feel inspired enough to learn a bit more about Crystals, Crystal Reiki and me. Love and Light!
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