Micro Group Crystal Energy Healing Session

Group Crystal Reiki Healing


This is for a Micro Group Crystal Energy Healing Session.

What is a Micro Group Crystal Healing Session:

This is a  small (30 minutes) healing session for a small group of individuals. It involves a combination of Reiki Healing, overall energy healing, and crystal healing for the group. Once complete, I will send a private video to the group with any information that may have come through (channeled message) and follow care for the individual.

**This is a special session so there will be 0.00 charge in celebration of my birthday. No coupon code or credit card needed**

The aim of the session is to send soothing and focused energy to assist in balancing your chakras. In addition, you can choose to send energy to a specific issue that you would like assistance with.

I will open the space for a limited amount of guests to receive an intensive 30-minute healing session

These sessions will be hosted once a month at a designated date that will be announced in advance. Make sure to follow Remember Love on Instagram @RememberLove, to be up to date.

Next Session: May 19th, 2023

How It Works:

  • Once you purchase this listing you will be automatically added to the session.
  • If you have something you will like me to focus on, please leave a comment in the checkout notes or reply to the confirmation email.
  • I will send an email with details on the time and prep so that you can do the most out of your session.
  • After the session is complete, I will send you a private link to a video with information regarding the session and follow-up work that you can do.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email to [email protected] directly or DM me on Instagram : @RememberLove

If you prefer to book a private session for yourself, with a full report and personal channeled message, you can do so HERE.

**Any services offered via Remember Love Healing or recommendations are not to replace or substitute the advice or guidance of a licensed Health Care Professional or replace any professional or legal counsel. Any session or content provided is neither to diagnose nor cure any medical condition.

Michelle is so kind and loving. Her energy session hit just right. The email with all the messages that came through was much needed. Thank you.
Remember Love Healing is my favorite. She encourages for me to follow my intuition and helps me through my own process of self-discovery. Her sessions are the energetic bath I need often.
I recommend Michelle to all my friends. Not only is she an angel on earth, but knowledgeable and willing to help guide you. Do yourself a favor and get a session with her. You won’t be disappointed.