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Learn Crystal Reiki

I am so excited that you have decided to take the next step in your spiritual and healing journey. Crystals are a wonderful gift from mother earth that helps us realize our full potential while helping us heal and grow.  While Reiki has been around for eons, crystal reiki is a newer form of energetic healing that has been increasingly popular. 

Whether you are a well seasoned energy practitioner or someone who is just coming into this community, you will find crystal reiki healing not only easy but inspirational and informative. Become certified in crystal reiki with me, Michelle from Remember Love Healing and add it to your already existing holistic healing business or start your own. With a blend of guided meditation, crystal energy clearing and reiki, even if its just for personal use, you can unlock the magic of crystals with this course.

Thank you for being here and wanting to be part of our community and Welcome!

What is Crystal Reiki?

Crystal reiki is a fairly new healing modality. It builds on the principals and symbols of traditional Usui Reiki. In crystal reiki, you have additional symbols that are given to the student. As you become attuned to the symbols, you can begin to better feel the direction of the energies, how they feel TO YOU (everyone feels it differently), how to feel the energies of the crystals and how to chose the right crystal for yourself or your clients. Even if you are already an USUI Reiki practitioner or not, you will be given all the attunements for both, the symbols, certifications for both healing modalities and how to blend both techniques. 

Crystal Reiki is a complementary therapy and never to replace the recommendations of a licensed health care practitioner. Crystal Reiki practitioners work directly with the energies of crystals and Usui Reiki to help their client feel relaxed, balanced and with better insight on how to achieve overall well being. 

Learning Crystal Reiki with Remember Love Healing

Teaching about Crystal Reiki and just overall energy healing is something that I am extremely passionate about. My goal is to make it accessible to as many people as possible and teach that energy healing is an essential aspect of overall well being for humans. In my perfect world, your doctor, mental health professional and your energy healer will all work under the same roof. 

I am of the belief that learning about crystals and chakras leads you down a path of personal discovery for overall well being and your own passions and happiness. 

Benefits of learning with me and being a part of the Remember Love Community :

  • Continued mentorship with your instructor (that’s me, Michelle Melo, Crystal Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher)
  • Lifelong access to manuals and eBooks along with any new manuals and eBooks that can benefit you in your practice. 
  • Being part of the Remember Love Community
  • Being part of our directory and network of Remember Love Healers
  • Become and receive your certificate after completion of course

 What you learn in my Crystal Reiki Level 1 LIVE Course

  • You will be attuned to Usui Reiki Level 1
  • You will also be attuned to Crystal Reiki Level 1
  • You will become familiar with the 7 major chakra points
  • Be able to recognize when there is dis-harmony and the potential for dis-ease. 
  • Be able to recommend crystals to use to bring harmony to the affected energy centers
  • Be able to recognize prescription crystal recommendations vs intuitive crystal recommendations 
  • You will be able to better prepare your clients to take charge of their own overall well being by providing guidance and additional  techniques
  • Know how to safely cleanse your stones and be familiar with unsafe techniques
  • How to work with crystal grids
  • Proper ways to lay your stones on clients 
  • How to see a client from beginning to end
  • Have access to intake forms 
  • ..and so much more
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