What are your chakras? Chakras are energy linkage areas that connect your physical body to your esoteric body or your aura. They are the center of spiritual powers in the human body.

There are 7 major chakras and each chakra is associated with a specific color and specific crystals. When a chakra is off balance, there are specific issues that arrive with each chakra point. Having an overactive or under active chakra are both bad.  If a chakra becomes blocks, the subtle energy flow becomes imbalance and dis-ease or disharmony on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level eventually results.

Your Root Chakra is located at the base of your spine. This chakra is red in color and is associated with survival and sustenance. It correspondence with basic needs such as concerns with money, shelter, safety and basic material needs. Your Root Chakra establishes your deepest connection with your physical body.

Some of the issues that come with a unbalanced chakra:

Crystals are a great way to get your chakras back in balance. Placing them on your lower back or in the front lower part of your body during meditation is great.

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Garnet and Smokey Quartz Necklace and Quartz Crystals

Crystals associated with your root chakra:

Meditation and Affirmation is another good way work with your chakras. One form of meditation is either laying some or sitting in lotus position on the floor, imagine a beam of light coming through the top of your head and coming out from the bottom. Imagine a red ball spinning at the base of your spine going through your body in that area. Imagine this spinning white light that is coming through your moving this ball, making it spin at a healthy speed (you’ll know) and with this white light, healing it. Making it redder and redder, spinning until is bright and vibrant.

An affirmation that can be used for your root is ” I am concerned with the energy of Mother Earth. My body, mind and spirit are grounded, centered and purified.”

Color Therapy is another option. Wearing red. Super easy and quick. Red Jewelry, Red clothes, being surrounded with red decor…RED!

Earthing is also wonderful. Take your shows off and walk in your yard or in a park. Barefoot and connecting to Mother Earth. This is a beautiful way to get grounded. If you are going to do some gardening, take those shoes off and enjoy the wonderful energy that Mother Earth is constantly providing.

Note: If you feel that you are having physical or mental anxiety or issues, please seek professional help. The use of crystals, meditation or affirmation are supposed to be complementary as is complement traditional medicine or therapy not replace it. 

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