Recommended Crystals for Crown Chakra

The best crystals for your crown chakra are those that you feel intuitively to work with. However, for a prescription list that work well, you can work with:

  • Amethyst
  • Purple Fluorite
  • Selenite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Diamond
  • Spirit Quartz
  • Moldavite

What does the Crown Chakra do?

Your crown chakra is located at the roof of you head and it the connection of you and the divine. This is your connection to Source, your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides and even your Ancestors. 

When working with your crown chakra, you are essentially seeking guidance from a higher power. You are going outward instead of inward (which would be your third eye connection).  You can learn and listen more about the Crown Chakra here.

Knowing this, you know the best crystals for your crown chakra are those that are higher vibrational and work best with your top chakras.

How do you use Crystals for Healing Crown?

There are several ways to use your crystals and stones to work and bring balance to your crown chakras. While this is just a recommended list, do what feels right with your. Part of bringing balance to your crown chakra is to listen to yourself and higher self and go with what your gut tells you. The greatest stones for your crown won’t work if you aren’t listening to your intuition. 


Sitting with your stones and focusing on your breath is a simple and effective way to bring focus to what needs to be worked on. Don’t be surprised if you receive nuggets of wisdom while you are sitting in silence. Epiphanies occur often. 

Crystals for Crown Chakra

Sleeping with Your Stone

Placing your stone next to your bedside or inside your pillowcase can increase the likely hood of dreaming. This isn’t regular dreaming either, they ca

n be filled with messages and guidance from a higher source. 

Wearing your Crystals

Wearing your stones and crystals can assist in maintaining a connection through the day as long as you give yourself the ability to pause and check in. I enjoy turning off the radio during my daily drives and allow my thoughts and internal dialogue to run free. You will impress yourself at what you will come up with and what is inspired.

Crown Chakra Stone List


Works will with both your crown chakra and your third eye. It promotes intuitive dreaming and is believed help curb unwanted behavior (i.e., quitting smoking or over eating)

Purple Fluorite:

Similar to Amethyst but less intense. It provides a connection to the divine and helps us tap into our intuition. 


Commonly called Satin Spar, this stone is probably the premier stone. It doesn’t do well in water so it’s not normally recommended for extended wear as jewelry. This stone also assists in cleansing our auric field and bringing our energy centers back to balance. It is believed placing a piece on your third eye or crown chakra that it creates a power surge similar to a vortex. 

Clear Quartz:

Clear Quartz is the Mother of all stones. It can replace any stone and serve any purpose. When working with clear quartz as a crown chakra tool, one must make sure to program it and be specific with what you want it’s purpose to be, in this case you would say something like “I ask this stone to bring me balance and a stronger connection to the divine/ancestors/guides/ etc.).


 If you are lucky enough to have a giant diamond to place on your head for meditation, good on you! I put this on the list more as a reminder that even those stones that we don’t think about (for example stones on wedding rings), should be cleansed often because even if we don’t realize it, they are working for us too. Diamonds are a very high vibrational stone (hence it’s rarity in nature) and should be treated and handled like any other crystal you are working with. 

Spirit Quartz:

Spirit Quartz allows us to have direct access to the divine. It is similar to Amethyst but only found in South Africa. This stone also assists in manifestation and closer connection to our Higher Self.


Moldavite has become and increasingly popular stone due to some viral TikTok videos. (Go more in-depth on Moldavite HERE). This stone works much faster than other stones to the point where many believe that it brings chaos since it works so fast. If you can handle it’s energies, this is a good stone to have when you are ready to take your connection to the Divine to the next level. 

Where can you learn more about Crystals?

Right here are Remember Love Healing. I am offering a course for all levels HERE, make sure to register. 

If you want to learn more about Crystal Reiki and how it can help you and others, you can do so here

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