One of the most popular topics that I have discussed on my social media is how to create your very own Crystal Elixir. It has been a popular way to use your crystals, especially for those pieces that have broken on you.

All a Crystal Elixir is, is water infused with your favorite specimen. There is a science that goes along with what is called “water memory” and in a nutshell, water retains the energy (or vibes), from its surroundings and essentially what vibes it soaks up can be good ones or not so pretty ones.

My Crystal Elixir with Rose Quartz and Lavender

Well, adding a crystal to some water can absolutely be beneficial to use and to your  environment. How? Well, I like to put a little crystal in a spray bottle and spray that sucker all over my home, focusing on the bedrooms and my work space. You can sense a difference in the rooms and it raises the vibrational energy of the space. It’s pretty awesome

These are the exact directions:

  1. Grab your spray bottle and fill it with fresh spring water or at least the freshest water you can find. Yes, bottled is okay too.
  2. Place your crystal in the spray bottle. Broke crystals work too. Don’t throw them out.
  3. Place out side for a 24 hour period. Sun and Moon are good for this. If the moon is full, even better.
  4. Add your favorite essential oil. Couple of drops (Optional). My favorite is lavender since its excellent for relaxation and sleep.
  5. Spray it everywhere. Focusing on corners and underneath beds.
  6. You’re welcome.

My favorite crystals to use in a spray (in no particular order):

Hope this helps some of you who have have a lonely piece out there needing a purpose. Give it life and create an elixir.

Some people (like me), enjoy putting a crystal in their water bottles and ingest their benefits. I use a designated water bottle for this that I purchased because the crystal is too big to go through the straw. I don’t want to choke and please, if you are going to do it, try not to choke either 🙂 . Note that certain crystals will dissolve in the water and I don’t recommend anyone drinking dissolved crystals.

Love and Light,


3 Responses

  1. This is very instructive. Thank you much. But I would like to know if one can use 2 or more different variety of crystals in the same bottle.

    1. Absolutely. I usually recommend adding a clear crystal Quartz to your mix. Clear Crystal Quartz amplifies the properties of its neighboring crystal 🙂 Hope this helps you.
      Love and Light,

  2. Negativity takes its toll on one’s spirit and eventually on one’s physical health. Do not live in an environment of negative energy. Either remove it or remove yourself from the space. Crystal elixirs can be a great benefit to a healthy life if used to clear negative energy from your environment.

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