If you have been following me on IG, you know I have been pretty vocal on the current happenings in the US. While it’s frustrating for me not being back home in the US, I use the power of the internet to be informed and share as much information as I can, and even here, living overseas, I have tried to educate and share resources with those who are willing to listen BUT, with it’s still frustrating to say the least. 

Welcome the Lessonlessons for 2020

This is not to be a political post, I don’t care which side of the aisle you sit on because at the end of the day, it’s just a dance. What I do care about is how you look out for each other, how you embrace your fellow human beings and stand up to protect their rights. Look at the lesson 2020 is trying to teach us, and if you listen to my last podcast episode with Zee, will be the same lessons that will be continuously be repeating itself over and over again. The Lesson? Care for each other. Wake up and see beyond yourself as a single separate entity, we are a giant collective and what hurts you, hurts me. Let go and CHANGE what no longer serves you IN EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE! Your government officials screwing over your community? Vote them out! Your partner not supportive? Lose them. Not happy where you are? Move it!  See what is in front of you for what it truly is. We somehow have fallen into this complacent life that we don’t care what is happening as long as it’s not happening to us. We have seen this with the BLM and Covid-19. It cannot be like this anymore. We will not survive if we don’t worry about each other. 

What Can You Do Right Now?

I know there are many in our community that say “I am not here to teach, but you have to learn on your own” , and that’s fine, I respect that, but if you ARE willing to teach or even just talk to those near you and teach them, just a little, I invite you to do so. I know it’s difficult when people tend to dig their heels in the ground but maybe, just maybe, you can be that final chip that breaks their belief systems down and allows them to rethink. 

Trust me, I know it’s amazing how some people defend the very system that holds them down, but that’s because they haven’t seen what it’s like on the other side. 

What is our Community Doing Now?

I do think this conversation about BIPOC and their teachings along with what defines cultural appropriation has been had several times within our community and will continue to unfold. There are many BIPOC who believe many traditions are being “White Washed”, repackaged and resold while not respecting it’s roots. I do agree that this happens more times than I’d like to see. As a matter of fact, many of these people are the same people who are being silent during the BLM. I would LOVE to see everyone use everything available to them BUT respecting its cultural history and not selling it for profit or wrapping it up as a “cultural retreat” when they know nothing of the culture they are exploiting. 

There are several MORE member of our spiritual community that are currently out, protesting, sending energy, organizing rallies, supporting other BIPOC, donating, posting, sharing information and getting educated themselves. These are the ones we should be focusing on. Even if they can’t physically be there, supporting our brothers and sisters, they are doing what they can and for those who are…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! 

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