Hello Beautiful Souls,

We have a few updates to share with you and can’t wait to share them.

For starters, you can find us at a few new sites:

We will continue to evolve and rise to the best of our abilities in an effort to offer healing and love to the world.

We have also continued to update our Etsy site. While we love having our own website and will continue to update it first (it will have more exclusive items than our Etsy shop) we will maintain the Etsy site for those who prefer the ease of buying from different artists in a one-stop shop.  Please remember to always check our website first, where you can always get more discounts and sales.

Lastly, if YOU or anyone you know, is a healer, channeler, crystal worker, new age lover, spiritual guru…WHATEVER and they have their own shop where they offer their items or services, send them our way! We want to feature as many people as we can and give you the opportunity to learn and discover new lightworker.

I hope you all continue to shine your bright light.

Love and Light always,

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