As we are wrapping up our long 3 years stay here in Quito, I decided to do one last stop at our favorite crystal shop at Mercado de la Mariscal (booth 37 to be specific). We found some absolute beauties that I wanted to share with you all today.


My finds include:

Quartz and Amethyst with Cooper Pendulums
Amethyst Candle Quartz AKA Atlantean Love Star, Amethyst Elestial. His last one. Sorry guys. Next piece he has available is a larger collectors speciment
Delicious gemmy Amethyst he gifted me. Never letting this one go.
Elestial Quartz. This piece is just stunning.
Two points found in two large bins available for hunting. One has already been claimed by my daughter for travel.

If you are ever in Quito and are looking for some crystal specimens, I highly recommend Fernando Salguera in ┬áMercado de La Mariscal (Booth 37). Exact address of the Market is Jorge Washington and Juan Leon Mera (near Park El Jido. Let him know Michelle sent you ­čÖé


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