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We here at Remember Love are all about sharing and spreading the love. If you have been with us since the beginning (take it back to 2010….I know, long time!), we used to do an Etsy spotlight, where we featured Etsy sellers from across the world and spotlighted different artists. I recently got an itch to start it up again but featuring different kind of healers, intuitives, designers and folks from within the New Age community. My hope is to, not only share and learn from others but to allow my readers the chance of discovering someone new that we may have otherwise not known. I also wanted to make this a little personal and show how we can lift each other up instead of tear each other down. There is space for each and every one of us to grow and fulfill our passions and if we can hold out a hand for the next person, we can make this world and our community a much better and loving place.

So, without further ado, let me introduce to you one of my sisters, friend and all around awesome human, Ashley from Love and Light Ascending **Enter fanfare here**.

Ashley is the owner of one of my favorite Instagram’s @Love_and_Light_Ascending. I asked Ashley a few questions and she was kind enough to actually indulge me and answer back (YAY! Lucky me!).

So, let get this ride started:

(Italicized: Ashley)      (Bold: Me AKA MichelleAKA Remember Love)

First off, thank you x-a million for setting this up! I’m so excited that we are all coming together to raise one another up and support each other. Heck yesss!! 

Tell me a little bit about you and what you do.

My name is Ashley, & I am a stay at home mom with 2 kids! (6-year-old son & 4-year-old daughter) I also have fur babies – Hemi (Doberman) & 2 kitties. I am also happily engaged with my fiance of 2 years. I live in Illinois in a pretty small town. I just moved here over a year ago. I started this business not knowing what or how to do it! But the important thing was, I started! It took many small steps, strength, and courage. It’s been two years since I started and it’s been a long time coming. So what do I do exactly? I am an intuitive card reader that connects to your spiritual team to help guide you through your current journey/path. I am moving towards channeling specific messages from your angels/guides/higher self (what Angel works with you more closely than others), reading your body, by tuning into it, and how your energy feels, AND I am working on how you can connect to your team, as well! Also, energy updates too & how to work with it and flow easier for a more substantial and joyful life. I am all for laughing and just having freaking fun, by loosening up the stuck energy in your body and allowing it to move. As you will find, I love humor, I love laughter, and I love music. I like to highlight what’s going on in the cosmos, collective – And showcase it in the memes I create. I tune in, and sort of poke at it with humor. I truly believe laughter is the best healing process, ever! Healing CAN be fun. Healing doesn’t have to be so dang serious all of the time. Screw that. I want to change that. 

You are hands down, one of my favorite “new age” meme creators. Where do you get your inspiration for being so funny?

 Thank you! I have always had a funny bone. When I look back to when I was growing up, I remember putting on a show, for my mom, Grandma, and family. I’d always do these crazy stunts, act completely stupid and silly to make my family laugh! To see them laugh and chuckle was the absolute best feeling for me. My inspiration came from watching Jim Carrey when I was younger. I first watched Ace Ventura at 7.It was my Dad’s idea, and I told myself, he’s just like me! Making faces, talking weird… That’s how I acted. He inspired me to stay true to who I was and still inspires me to this day.  As he stated in one of his interviews, “I just wanted to free people from concern.” As he would, by becoming these characters.  So these memes, I create do come from receiving messages on how I’m personally feeling at the time or how the overall energy feels. I think to myself, well this fucking sucks Let’s make fun of it, instead of walling in it. Being truthful, and letting others know that they are not alone in the struggles we face, is so crucial to me. I want to be that person, that people can come to, to have a good laugh while also helping and guiding others. I love and care, and want to show that through my work. 

How do you find balance with your family and human responsibilities and maintain your spiritual side as connected as you seem to have it?

 Balancing between family life, our own “adulting”, hooman stuff, and spiritual practices is fucking hard as hell, I’m not going to lie. But I try my best, and I think that’s what’s most important. I take it day by day. Step by step. I try not to worry about things, even though I am a huge worry wart. I just be and stay in the present as best I can. Just being in the now, and enjoying the experiences along the way. I am a stay at home mom with two kids, and it can be a struggle at times. I try not to get caught up in the hooman stuff so much, because we are always constantly changing and progressing. 

What is your favorite way to commune with your spirit guides and your higher self?

 Connecting to my spirit guides and higher self… I personally just like to ask for assistance for basically anything I’m having trouble with. To do that, I get in a quiet place (or I try to, sometimes it’s rough with two kids), clear my head, do some nice & easy breathing – And ask for them to connect to me. Once I feel the connection, I’ll ask them a question or I’ll get a message right off the bat. I really like doing automatic writing too. It’s fun to see what I write, and receiving the messages like this is clearer for me. 

Can you give us a little sneak peek for the next energy update (Feel free to just add a blurb and then say something like “for the rest, check out my blog/link” or however you want to phrase it?

Sneaky peak of the next energy update: 

“The way the rubber band retracts when you pull on it, that’s how I see what’s going on in the cosmos. Hopefully, that can be understood from my point of view. Everything is retracting and we are for sure feeling it. We are going through some deep reflections, retracting and reviewing.” You can read further by going to www.loveandlightascending.squarespace.com

What advice would you give anyone who is just waking up or becoming more connected to their spiritual side?

If you’re slowly moving into a more spiritual stand-point, having more curiosity – then that’s brilliant! Be freaking curious!! That’s how I stepped into it all. It’s step by step. And it leads you to beautiful and amazing things! The Universe is also seeking you as you are seeking it. The advice I’d like to give is to just be patient and allow. I know it’s easier said than done, but practicing patience is the key point here. It took me a bit to allow things to come naturally to me. And to not be so hard on yourself. Your journey is your very own, it will look different as other people are on their own path. Try your best to not to compare your journey to others. 


Where can you find Ashley from Love and Light Ascending?

Instagram: @Love_and_Light_Ascending

FB: www.facebook.com/lightascending

Website: www.loveandlightascending.squarespace.com

Thank you so much Ashley for taking your time and answering my questions. I urge everyone to check out her Instagram if you are up for a good laugh, especially with 6 planets in Retrograde right now (HELP!).

If you are interested in being part of our OmAzing spotlight, please shot me a message or email at RememberLoveJewelry@gmail.com and lets chat.

See you next time!

Love and Light,

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