An Open Letter.

To All You Beautiful Souls,

   As you know, our world is going through difficult times like many of us have never seen in our lifetimes. Some of us are blessed to be able to stay home with no disruption to our basic needs, for others, it is surviving and still for others, it is a crisis.  I think back to growing up with my little brother, my mother and I having just enough to get us through the end of the week. I also think back to those times when we were escaping

Old Image of Michelle
Michelle with her little brother and cousins

my father and leaving with whatever fit into our old tiny yellow station wagon with the side wood panels, that always broke down on us. That station wagon is engraved into my memory until the day I die. I still see it parked outside on the grass.  I cannot imagine what a situation like this would have done to my mother. Not only  because my brother and I would be forced to stay home for school (which home?), but then trying to teach us where Spanish was the only language spoken, to add her not being able to work or collect a paycheck and just for kicks having a stupid amount of heartless people go out and buy all the supplies so there is nothing left for others (WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?)

Its different for me now. I am blessed to not have to be in crisis mode, my family is good and grateful for this. We are certainly not rich, but we have enough.  When I created Remember Love, it began as a side project during a large transition in my life. As the years have passed, it has evolved into my spiritual journey expressed. I try to share everything I learn, feel and connect with. I try to give the Remember Love community a large peek into my life traveling and the beauty I see along the way and try to educate and share what the spiritual beliefs and thoughts are of the local culture I am living along side with. All this to say that my goal for Remember Love was never to get rich but to enrich instead. It’s not an income I rely on for survival. So, I have made the decision to partially close my shop. What does this mean? This means I will not be shipping out any products until we can find balance in what is happening and what will potentially be coming. If you are looking for an item that I usually carry, I will be more than happy to refer you to someone who does count on their small business as their sole source of income. If you are looking for an energy session, I will still be doing Reiki Sessions but I will be donating part of the proceeds to Lotus House  and their Covid-19 Relief effort.  Please consider donating directly if you prefer, by visiting the link. This decision is very spirit driven and one that resonates with my life’s purpose, so this is me being as authentic and true as I know I can be. In the near future I may be designing items that will support a charity 100%, but that is still an evolving idea. 

I invite all of you to reach out to someone and offer your help, even if it’s a note left at your neighbors door or a phone call letting them know you are there to help. There are many people who need help but are too afraid to ask. Need inspiration? Visit the subreddit r/humansbeingbros. Remember that at the end of the day, we want to say we were there to help and bring our light when it was dark. 

If you are finding yourself in a tough situation, please visit here for resources in your state.

If you still want to support me and Remember Love, you can always purchase a Crystal Reiki Session (portion of proceeds will be donated) or you can also listen to my Podcast, Spilling The Tea Leaves. I’ll still continue record the podcast to provide a distraction, not only for me, but for those who are at home wanting  to explore their spiritual side.  

Also, if you just need someone to talk to or vent, feel free to DM on Instagram @RememberLove, I’m there to lend an ear.  

We will get through this, together. 

Love and Light, 

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