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What is an Intuitive Crystal Reading?

Intuitive Crystal Readings is a way that a method where a trained Crystal Healer can connect with you energy and figure out what crystals can beneficial for you. Many people are able to pick up energies and can do aura reads simply by looking at a person or an image of the person, I work backwards. By simply looking at your image, I visualize a crystal (or crystals) and based on what I sense, I provide you with the information to help you on your sacred journey. 

Often, my clients enjoy having a custom piece made based on the reading, and I personally love doing pieces based on the Crystal Readings. 

In addition to this, I also enjoy complementing the read with a Gemstone Oracle card pull. You will be surprised at how many times these pulls coincide with the reads.

Your Intuitive Crystal Reading will Include:

  • A personal email from me (Michelle, Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher) with a personalized report on what crystals you can benefit from along with their meanings.
  • A Gemstone Oracle Card Pull along which often offers another crystal recommendation along with an affirmation. These are great since often times they provide additional clarity for the my clients.
  • If you decide to purchase a piece based on your reading, the full amount will go towards credit to your new piece, so essentially your reading is free.
What do I need from You?

All I need is for a recent picture of you with a clean background (white background is preferable but not necessary). Selfies work too. Please, no filtered pictures. The more natural the picture, the better.

After purchase, I will email you directly for your picture and a timeline of when your reading will be ready (usually less than 72 hours).

Intuitive Crystal Readings are also a beautiful gift for those either yourself or for those who are into spirituality.  You can always pick up a Gift Certificate if you aren’t sure.

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**Please note that any advice offered here is not to be used to replace the recommendations of a licensed healthcare professional. Crystal healing is meant as complementary therapy.