I am surprised there is so much information out there in the Crystal world on how to cleanse and charge your crystals. There is a lot of ways to keep your crystals in top working order and there are a LOT more ways on how these “cleansing” ways can totally mess up and majorly damage your piece!

I’ll provide a quick info graphic here on some passive ways, but let me take this moment to tell you HOW you can damage your stones.

WATER: As a general rule of thumb, any crystal or stone that ends in “-ite” are usually hydrophobic, so keep it away from water. Some examples of crystals that can’t be put in water include: Selenite, Calcite, Labradorite, Kyanite, Fire Opal, Carnelian, Angelite, Kunzite, and Turquoise to name a few.

DIRECT SUNLIGHT: Many “experts” claim that by laying out crystals in the direct sunlight, it can cleanse the crystal of love vibing energy. Now, while this is true, there are MANY crystals that should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Why? Well, the color will start to fade after prolonged exposure. Why the crystal will still provide it’s healing benefits, it won’t have it’s natural and sometimes sought after look. For example, Amethyst will go from a dark purple, to faded purple, to lavender and sometimes go completely white. Be mindful of stones you put in direct sunlight.

BURYING IN THE EARTH: Some pieces LOVE being recharged in the earth, others, not so much. The humidity in the earth can expose and exasperate already naturally occurring inclusions making them more fragile and brittle, such as Carnelian.

Feel free to save this quick infographic on a few passive ways to cleanse and charge your babies.


Love and Light,


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