I am getting constantly asked where I get my supplies to create my beauties and I like to share where I acquire my items so my clients know that we only acquire the best and we also handpick our vendors to make sure the quality is up to my own personal highest standard.

Druzy Ring 1One of the vendors that we work with is Navneetgems.com. Yes, this is where we acquire those drop dead gorgeous druzies that have been flying off the shelves from our shops.  Now, it’s no secret you can get any drusy from anywhere, even many Etsy shops have them available in small quantities (I’ve personally have tried them), but the quality is not what it should be.

Navneetgems has worked closely with me to realize the color, the cut, the size, design, pretty much anything. Simply perfection. Oddly enough, my husband was the one who found them and began contact with them. From the perspective of a potential customer of mines, he asked all the questions and passed it on to me to get all the final details, information and analyze all the angles that can only be seen by an expert and we were hooked.

I do have to quickly write a note on exclusively the sparkle. Holy cow the sparkle! I have many of my clients use this ring as a stand in for the wedding rings. Fear or losing their rings or having it stolen, I let them pick their color their preference and their sparkle is always guaranteed. I personally use the silver one pictured above. It’s my favorite.

My items came in and it was simply perfection. So happy with the quality and the overall responsiveness. I even got a little gift from them a few months later as a “Thank you”. Druzy Ring 2

So there you have it, this is where our drusy beauties come from. Feel free to reach out to them and tell them we sent you with love. I feel its important to share where our supplies come from so our customers are aware that we are handpicking only the best for them and we don’t believe in overused bulk.


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