First and foremost, as you can tell, we took a small break during the summer. Personally, I decided to take some time off to spend with my family during the summer break. To be honest, I definitely needed some time off to reassess the direction our brand was taking.  The good news is, after some self-reflection an some time communing with my spirit guides, we are still on the path to reach our goal that offering alternative healing for spiritual and emotional well being. Spiritual Health! So, know that each time you visit our website, share our posts on Facebook or Instagram or purchase one of our pieces, you are directly contributing to reaching our goal or accessible spiritual and emotional health! THANK YOU!

Speaking of purchasing, we are officially back open for Custom Orders. I know we have received a lot of inquiries regarding ordering in time for Christmas…well, NOW is the time! Don’t forget that each piece takes several days to weeks to complete, plus the additional time to Reiki charge and ship, it is a labor of love that takes time to get to your hands. So, if Christmas is your goal, now is the time to get your reading in or your information in for ordering. Can’t wait to work with you. 

And last, but not least, we have paired up with some new partners and have officially opened up The Goddess Uprising. It is a site where you can pick up some inspired items (not handmade like here), but with crystal healing in mind. While we understand that a custom piece is absolutely amazing and awesome, not everyone has the ability to afford a custom piece, so this website brings gemstones, fashion and everything a Goddess may need into one spot. Please take a visit and tell us what you think. 

Sending you all Love and Light, always!

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