Yes, it’s true! I have a whole New Age podcast available on line! A sacred and safe space for those on their Spiritual Journey!

So our last post I briefly talked about our Podcast but I wanted to dedicate a whole post on this so you can have access to this wonderful and exciting project for me. 

I’ts called Spilling The Tea Leaves and it’s is an absolute blast to make! Me and my spirit sister, Rachel over at @cottageonwolflane, who is an amazing Animal Intuitive, paired up to create a safe space for all those who are coming into their spiritual practice and are looking to learn OR those who are neck deep in it and want to learn new techniques or just listen to two regular humans talk about the divine. This New Age Podcast, I feel, fills in a large gap within the community and within the podcast circles. It comes from two spirituality inclined Goddesses with real life responsibilites, or as we often refer to as “muggle work”.  

Below is a video to our latest podcast. I upload all the audio and the visual (sorry about that for those who chose to keep my face a fantasy…ha!) to YouTube so you can listen to it at work. You can also catch us wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. 

Let us know what you think!

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