This weeks Mantras is for my Spritual Boss Babes, My Entrepenuers, My Small Business (Or Large) Owners who take care of their own and themselves…this is for YOU!

I have to admit, sometimes I get down on myself. I WISH I could say abundance flows really easily but sometimes there are dry spells and I get it, it happens. Sometimes I have soooo many ideas in my head that I want to push out as quickly as possible because I KNOW it’s going to lift people up and help those who need it, but then responsibilities of been a mom and a wife take over and then take a full front seat (just as typed that last sentence, my five year old knocked over a potted plant 🙁 )

So, being one of those weeks were I have a million ideas flowing, husband is out on a work trip for a while, more my daughter requires 5000 times more attention than usual and Etsy is not really making me happy, I will be repeating this Mantra ALL WEEK! “I Manifest Abundance and Positivity in my Life”

So, if you can relate just a little or just need that little extra push, this one is for you.

Thank you Diana for always putting our words into print.

If you want to print this out and have it for yourself, you can get your own, here.