I lived in Prague from 2009-2011 and let me tell you I never saw a single piece of moldavite in any of the jewelry stores. All the rage was and still is, garnet. That is not to say that there were never any for sale or it could simply mean that I wasn’t actively looking for it, but either way, I do not recall ever seeing that elusive green tektite in the streets of Prague. Fast forward to 2019 and that is ALL I saw at the stores…moldavite and garnet. 

My family and I decided to make a weekend trip back to our old stomping grounds to relive some memories, after all that is where me an my husband got engaged. We went to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and to go make new memories with our 7 year old daughter. We wanted to make memories in a very special place in our hearts with our completed family. And that is what we did. Added bonus, we had friends who had recently moved there…its was all fun. 

For me, I decided to take on the homework of discovering Moldavite in it’s home country. After all, whats the point of traveling hours on the plane if you can’t have a crystal adventure when you land? Or is that just me? 

Is the Moldavite Real or Fake in Prague?

Short answer, it’s both but mostly fake. Long answer is you have to do some detective work of your own and when in doubt, just nope out. If you are still in the planning stages of your trip, bring a magnifying glass and really take a close look. 

The local jewelers have taken  full advantage of the demands on the elusive green tektite and they are milking it for all it’s worth, which means, they are taking advantage of the uniformed traveler. 

How to tell if the Moldavite is Real (or Real Fake)?

There are tons of websites that are already around dedicated to this very thing. Inner Visions Crystals is one of my favorite websites, but I’ll give you a few bullet points here.

The Moldavite Stone looks extra shiny

Genuine Moldavite is not shiny or wet looking (I know, sorry to break it to you).  If you go on Etsy right now, about 95% of the stones used in jewelry are fake. Go, take a look and come back. Spot the shiny ones. 

Real Moldavite has natural inclusions

Unlike the perfect clear diamond, moldavite plays by it’s own rules and it has inclusions. Those perfectly cut, beautifully cut “moldavite” rings  and earrings on display with zero inclusions are most likely glass. Speaking of polished moldavite stones, real moldavite stones for jewelry will be expensive and thats not counting the gold on the jewelry. For example, a 10Ct gemstone will run you about $300-$500. 


A dead give away is the color. Genuine Moldavite is olive-green, but there have been sellers selling bright almost lime and this is definitely not moldavite. This is commonly seen in jewelry pieces too. There are sellers also selling moldavite in other colors like white and these are also NOT genuine Moldavite. Moldavite ONLY COMES FROM the Czech Republic….end of story. Any other tektite from any other region would not be called Moldavite.

So In Conclusion…

Do your homework and bring a magnifying glass. All that glitters isn’t gold, or in this case moldavite. 

I took tons of pictures for you and once I got home, I was gifted with a new phone and all my pictures disappeared once I transferred home. Frustrating….YES!!!! But, I did take one picture with my professional camera and this one I wasn’t able to get close enough to check. The actual jewelrs sometimes shoo you away when you attempt to document, so I am not sure if this one was real or not. ALTHOUGH, there were plenty of other pieces around Old Town that looked identical to this one. I’m talking same shape and design, so you be the judge. 

Also, enjoy some of the actual pics I took and make sure to visit the Prague Castle. The architecture is enough to transport you into another time.


Personal Views on Prague: 

Prague will always have a special place in our hearts for me and my family. We did whoever notice a distinct difference with the number of tourists compared to 10 years ago. It’s amazing tourism has soared but it does affect the overall quality of the local area as far as what is available. For example, the Thai Foot Massage on every corner, it screams tourist trap and so do a few other places directly in old town. If you are feeling extra adventurous, I highly recommend you travel outside of the city too, for example the Karljstein castle and Kutna Hora (go to the bone church). If you can’t go outside of the city than get extra spicy and walk into every church and hunt every corner. The best places are hidden in plane sight. 
Check out some of my pictures of Old Town including the infamous John Lennon wall. 
Enjoy and have a pint. 


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