Good Morning my beautiful souls!

This weeks Mantra is one that I personally put to use this week after I was reminded by a dear friend/tribe sister. To be honest, sometimes we try to be as zen as we can possibly be and other times we need reminders from those around us.

Allow me to tell you a little story (grab your popcorn). On August 20th I purchased two crystal Ganesha statutes from a very popular (think 50k followers) Instagram seller (*note: I am not going to give out any names…YET!).  So, I was so excited for my little statues and even more that they were so “kind” to give me a deal on them. So I wait….and I wait…and after a month, I send out an email “Hey, just wanted to know if you have a tracking number on my package. I know sometimes it takes a bit to get to me but just want to keep an eye on it”. Crickets! In the mean time, they continue posting and selling. I send another message…nothing. Finally I write on one of their pictures and ask them to please check their messages. Someone responds (finally) and they say, “no worries, what is your name and I’ll get the tracking”. Awesome, I think. I give them all my info and nothing again. W…T…F?!

Another day goes by and I reach out to them…AGAIN! “Hey, can you please get me a tracking number no later than Wednesday night. I need to figure out where the package is”. And guess what…NOTHING. Again, I write a comment on one of their pictures to check their messages…and Nothing! Yeah, by this time I know something is up. Another message sent from me “Please give me a tracking number by no later than tomorrow or I will call my credit card company to dispute the charge and create a charge back for you”. Now, this is something I have never done and am not happy about.

FINALLY, I get a response “Hey, I’m so sorry, I have already sent you package out with a gift, I’m currently shopping but as soon as I get home, I’ll email you the tracking number. Please don’t call your credit card company”. At this point, I was still pretty cool. I was excited “Okay”, I answered “Looking forward to it”. Can you guess what happens next…FREAKING NOTHING! I had it. I called my credit card company and disputed the charges and included copies of our conversation.

Hold on though, it’s not done…I get a message back, please keep in mind it’s been over a month, “Hey, so I have your package here sitting on my desk for a few days and your address doesn’t work”. There is no other button for me than bad customer service PLUS lying, I will RIP your head off. I still said “Hey, listen, it’s been over a month, you clearly lied, please refund me my money ASAP”. Just like that, no cursing, just a request to give me my money because they never shipped. This person called me “Hostile!”. Let me be clear, a seller called their customer HOSTILE because I asked for a refund! I was shaking from anger and because the head space that this caused me to go to was not a good one for me. I remained calm, explained all the ways they lied and how their customer service should improve. In the mean time, people were reaching out to me saying they had also been scammed by this seller. I’m talking a full inbox with other victims.

In the end, they promised a refund…guess what has happened since then, NOTHING! No refund, no produt, nada! My credit card company will investigate and I’ll get a refund but still…I am MAD for all the scams they are pulling off. Heartbroken that people are not getting their crystal babies and are being robbed! Yes, robbed is the word.

So, after I vented to my group of tribe sisters the best advice I got was just to breathe. Get out of that headspace and breathe out the nerves. So, I dedicated this one to you, my sister (and especially EJ ) “I breathe in Calmness and Breathe out Nervousness”.

And honestly, FUCK those guys for being such scammers. I’m not going to put them on blast here,but I’m sure many people know who they are and THEY know I’m talking about them!


Power, Love, and Light to everyone else working to make this world a more honest and positive place.

Thank you Diana at PaperYarnMoon for the BEAUTIFUL print. You can find it on our etsy shop HERE.

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