The Mantra today totally hits close to home and I know it will to many of you.

If you are like me, I follow hundred of pages that talk about, Meditation, Affirmation, sitting and listening to the energy around you, sitting and just basically saying “shut the F up and just breath”. For me, that is like asking me to climb Mt. Everest, on a daily basis with a smile on my face.

Sometimes it’s hard to find that quiet time, that time to reflect, especially when you are a parent, when you work, when you run your own business, when you need to run errands for the entire family, when you need to drop off Jimmy at soccer practice and Emily at basketball. Life is not joke. Oh, you want a social life too? Good luck with that!

Right now I am inviting you to close your eyes and just take 30 seconds to breath deep. Just breath and inhale light and exhale darkness, whatever is weighing heavy on your soul. Release it.

“Dissolve and Be Present”–RLJ

Where do I find the time? We’ll its not easy but if you really want to do it, you can.  For me, I meditate before bed. You don’t need to be sitting in lotus position. For me, laying down connects me a whole lot quicker to that sought after state of mind than sitting down. This is just a personal preference and it works for me. I even do yoga for a bit everyday…WITH a 3 year old.  What works for me is I put on a yoga video for her (or both of us depending on our mood). She has her own pink yoga mat (although she prefers my blue one sometimes). We lay our mats on the living room floor and we go to town. Is it the perfect yoga time like when you go to a studio? No. Could it be more flawless yoga when I don’t have a 3 year old interrupting me to show me her AWESOME Sun-Salutation sequence? Sure. But what I do get is a release for my body through yoga (however small that may be), and one on one time with a tiny human who is exploring her world and learning to love the connection between her body and the earth. I would not change this for a million yoga classes at any studio. I can even get her to “meditate” or breath deeply for a full 2 minutes. That’s a lot for a tiny human.

In short, get creative, live in the moment, be present in whatever way you can and take a minute to breath. Find those tiny breaks through out the day and get off your phone or your computer and do it. Even if it means locking yourself in the supply closet at work and breathing in for just 30 seconds.

As always, Diana over at PaperYarnMoon has put this weeks affirmation into beautiful writing.

Mantra Monday 4.11

I’ll see you lovely humans next time. Don’t forget to breath.

Love and Light, Always.


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