I know that s 2018 quickly approaches (Oh sweet lord, I swear 2018 is going to be different), we are going to make a bunch of promises, reach for those stars, eat those veggies, give up those bad habits and find that dream job that lets us travel the world…and I KNOW that by March, most of us are probably going to settle, again, eat those extra carbs and PROMISE that 2019 is going to be better…right?

I propose a new thing, I’m done making promises that deep down inside I know I am going to struggle with. Instead, I am going to start right this very freaking moment, to move towards whatever my goal is. As a matter of fact, many of the things that I want to accomplish has been in place for a little bit now, with no giant promises, that will only lead to guilt when I don’t accomplish them.

So, I ask you, if you are going to make on resolution, one change or one promise to yourself, it’s this one…NO MORE PROMISES!

Just take it step by step. Small changes lead to the biggest success and remind yourself why you are doing it and keep yourself motivated.

For example, one of my goals is to become Vegan (GASP!…calm yourself!). Yes, me, the meat, cheese and egg eating human’s goal is to become full vegan. Right now I’m like 75% vegan (I really like eggs) BUT, trying not to think 2 years ahead, or a year, a month or even a day ahead, I try to maintain my choice by choosing it daily at every meal with every option that I am given. Making this choice daily removes the expectations for me for tomorrow, and lessens a lot of the pressure I so often put on myself. I also try not to talk to many people outside of  my circle because then everyone has an opinion and becomes an expert nutritionist. I also recommend keeping a few things to yourself…because many people will try to change your opinion on it (unfortunately).

So, keep motivated, you are your own motivation…keep your goals close to your heart and daily make YOUR choice to choose who you want to be, how you want to express it and where you want to be.  If you find yourself wavering a bit and need an extra push to realize what you truly desire, here is a mantra for you: “Staying Motivated Comes Easily to Me”.

Thank you Diana for your art. If you love it, feel free to download it here.

Love and Light,