This weeks Mantra’s goes out to all my business people, but , if you don’t have your own hustle or wanting to start one, you can also apply this one for yourself.

So many times, we wait for “permission” to start being successful. Often times we say “I’ll start when my kids start school or when they get to the next grade”, “Ill start when I feel I have more time”, “I know I’ll start making money when I redo my packaging”, “When I take this course, I know I’ll start getting more orders”, “When I start my own website, I can get more traffic in”. Seriously, STOP IT! Stop saying “When” and start doing NOW! Whatever little you can do right now to your hustle going, DO IT!. Don’t wait, don’t ask permission. If you feel this is truly what you want to do, do it!

Give yourself permission to be prosperous, give yourself permission to HUSTLE YOUR ASS OFF!!!!!

Repeat after me: “I give myself permission to be Prosperous”. Say it again and again.

Think of something right now that you can do to push your hustle in the right direction…open a FB page, buy the domain name, open an IG, like a few pics using your account… matter how little it is…. DO IT!

Thank you Diana for putting our words into art <3

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