Good Morning!

It’s Monday and I am sending you so many blessings so your week is abundant with opportunities of all kinds.

This week’s Mantra is an mantra to help open those doors who have been knocking so hard on. Know that your life is ripe with chances to shine and to move forward with your souls calling, all you have to do is literally MOVE in that direction.

So many times we say “when I get more time I’ll be able to focus on myself” or “when I make more money, I’ll be happy”…we’ll guess what…want to feel happy, FEEL HAPPY! Don’t wait for more money or more time, but just BE! Being lets the universe know that you have and the universe will provide MORE of it. Live in a state of “lack” or “not enough” and the universe will provide just that, “Not enough!”

So, in an effort to move forward and move past those mental blocks, set your head up and open for the opportunities you have been longing for. They are there, they are just waiting for you.

So, right now, right this second, repeat after me “I am rich with opportunities to achieve my goals”.

Thank you Diana over at PaperYarnMoon for always putting our affirmations in art.

If you would like to purchase your own print, to keep in your sacred space or anywhere you need a gentle reminder, you can pick up your own print HERE.

Sending you ALL power, love light and blessings.