Today’s Mantra is a special one for me and for quite a few people. It is an affirmation that can truly change, not only your world, but your mental perspective in life in general.

Shifting your perspective from a place of fear and negativity to a place of love, positivity and harmony, changes  the energy that you send out to the universe and in turn changes the energy that returns to you. In other words, the universe is a giant copy machine that will give back what you put out, so if you feed the universe negative or fear based thoughts, then that is exactly what you will receive. Thoughts of gratitude, love and posititivity  sent out will return just that.

Now, I know it is difficult to be living on a constant high vibrations and positive thoughts, shit does happen, but if we can maintain a positive mind for little bouts of time during the day, thinking in a high vibrational thoughts will become easier and, in time, will over take those fear based ones.

Try this exercise: Every morning, when you wake up, think one happy thought, one thing you are grateful for. It could be anything. Be grateful for your dog, the extra 15 minutes to snooze, the pillow under your head, anything you can think of. Then through out the day, set your timer, could be every hour or two or three and give yourself a happy moment. In your happy moment, have another happy thought, what you are are grateful for. Maybe its that smile that the stranger gave you in the afternoon, the delicious cup of coffee from your local shop, your family, your friends…whatever. Commit to it daily. Don’t make any long term plans, just commit for it for today, then tomorrow morning, commit for it for that day. Work day to day and I promise you, your life will change for the best and in abundance.

Want an affirmation to do regularly, try this one:

I change my thoughts and I change my world“–RLJ Michelle

Mantra Monday 3.14

Thank you Diana over at PaperYarnMoon for putting these words into a beautiful writing on paper. We love how you share the love.

Sending you blessings. I would love to hear how this worked for you. Leave me a comment.

Love and Light,


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