Beautiful Day to all of you.

Hope you have all set your intentions for the new moon and are ready to start on your goals.

I have a beautiful affirmation for you this week. I think this is a wonderful phrase to help you move past anything that has been stopping you from fulfilling your potential and help you reach your dreams.

“I dissolve all blocks in my path”–RLJ Michelle M. 

Diana over at PaperYarnMoon has put our affirmation into beautiful writing. Feel free to share it on #mantramonday.

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As part of my personal goals, I am working on spreading the love and education our clients, followers and those who are interested, in the world of crystals. As part of this, I have started a Periscope “channel” (I guess that is what they are called), and I am broadcasting live information on crystals, their uses, what works for what and how they relate to our chakras. Feel free to look us up using our twitter handle: @RememberLove721.

Today I will share some information on Rose Quartz and how it relates to sleep and love. Hope you can join me to learn a little and get the opportunity to ask me questions.  Show time will be at 7:15 pm EST.

Love and Light always,



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