Yikes, it has been a while, crocodile. How the heck are ya! I know. It’s been too long since my last blog post and I am truly sorry. I have started a series of projects and time has literally slipped away from me. 

So here is a post with a few updates on what has been transpiring on this end. 

One of the most exciting projects that I have been working on is myself and my friend Rachel (You can find her on IG @WolfonCottageLane) have started a Podcast called “Spilling The Tea Leaves”. Spilling The Tea Leaves is a podcast about empowering those on their spiritual journey. We will talk about learning to trust your intuition, being careful of so called “new age gurus” that are set to disrupt your process, and living day to day life while staying connected with spirit. You can find our podcast wherever you listen to your other favorite podcasts including Apple Podcast, Spotify and Castbox and you will also be able to find our video feed on YouTube.

My next project is a new website called The Goddess Uprising. It is a website loaded with TONS of fun products aimed at the Free Spirit Goddess. Whether you are 18 or 118, I have curated a collection of fun and inexpensive products that belong in anyones collection. Check it out and enjoy Free Shipping on anything you want. Like this website, Remember Love™, it is 100% Female owned business aimed at empowering other women. 

My Crystal Certification Course is about to go LIVE in the next few weeks, so for those who have been asking…it will be coming soon. Keep and eye out on our website or our social media for a HUGE discount for my followers. 

On some personal projects, I have joined a Dragon Boat team called the Abu Dhabi Jets. It is an amazing team of women dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness (Yes, our team colors are pink). So if you ever see me in my pink uniform on my social media, you know why. 

With all of this and happenings in my personal life (plus a few business stressors), last week, my family and I decided to run away to Thailand. I needed to decompress a bit mentally check out. It was the breather I needed to clear my head and come back able to breathe a bit more. I spent some time walking the temples, meditating, visiting with elephants and eating tons of food while doing some shopping at the local markets. It was honestly the perfect disconnect. For those going to Chiang Mai, I will be posting a blog with what spots to hit up (and avoid) if you are going crystal shopping in Chiang Mai. 

Well, I think that is it. We are all caught up now. YAY! 

See you next post. 

Love and Light, 

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