I don’t know why it has taken  me so long to write a post like this, but I tonight I was browsing one of my favorite sites, Reddit and I found a post absolutely bashing a woman because she had “Crystal Healing” in her twitter bio. I mean, they DRAGGED this woman! Making broad assumptions to finally calling her some pretty harsh and insulting words that I won’t repeat here. 

And even though they were pretty mean, I can’t blame them for some of their assumptions. There are a lot of associations that are made when someone claims to “work with energy” or believe in complementary or alternative healing. Even I sometimes cringe when I say “I work with crystals and try to empower people to follow their own spiritual path”  because I never know the response or the reaction I am going to get after the end of my sentence. To be honest, I have not received (at least not to my face) a bad reaction. I have received none reactions, which I take as that they don’t want to learn more and I just move on. 

Why do People think Energy Healers are “Crazy” or Scammers?

For as long as time has existed, those who have different ideas or speak about things that others don’t understand, there are critics and people ready to attack when they just don’t get it. This isn’t surprising, as members of the spiritual community, we are used to this and we are ready. Today, a person who talks about traditional religion and their faith is more accepted than if you talk about spirituality or alternative methods to healing…this is  just the nature of the beast. 

For the most part, most of us aren’t “crazy” or scammers. On the contrary, most of us are a part of this community for self improvement and to help the collective heal itself and progress towards a more positive and loving relationship with itself, Mother Earth and the Divine (No small order, I assure you) , BUT like with every group, you can and will find a bad batch who are in it for personal gains, ego driven pursuits, mental illness or misinformation that is causing harm to themselves and others. 

Since Social Media and the ease in which information and misinformation can be shared, sometimes the loudest ( and the wrongest) get to the front of the line, giving the rest of the group an inaccurate representation. This is true for any large group but especiall with the “New Age” community because it’s so varied and inclusive and already outside of what is considered “normal” (yucky word).

So no, we are not all to be lumped in together, like you shouldn’t lump in races, genders, cultures into one broad opinionated stroke. 

If you are dealing with someone whom you are not sure about, do your homework, find out who they are, and see what their intentions are. If they are making extravagant and “too good to be true” statements or even making you feel that you are less than, then you should seek elsewhere. 

Healers and Spiritual People are Anti-Vax and Against Traditional Medicine?

Absolutely NOT true. One of my biggest platforms is practicing responsible energetic healing, and that includes using crystals, reiki and different forms of energetic healing IN CONJUNCTION with traditional medicine, including mental health. While it is true that there are a large group who don’t believe in traditional medicine, there are still more who believe that there is space for both and both are necessary. I strongly defend the idea that there is a need for medicine in our society, especially vaccines. Vaccines are important! My background is in Health Sciences and I’ve traveled all over the world and have seen what the lack of proper healthcare and Not all healers are antivaxvaccines can do and it is distressing and enraging.  The anti-vax movement, I believe, comes from a place of privilege because I assure you, the moms in third world country would have gladly given up their lives to be able to have their kids have access to a life saving vaccine or treatment. Instead, they bury their children in their community while someone in the Western World mocks it’s life saving properties.

So NO, not all of us in this community believe that doctors are out to get us. The bulk of us do believe that we are responsible for our own health and that it is important that we seek out all the options and look at the human body from all perspectives and aspects, body, mind and soul. 

So why do we people think that Holistic or Alternative Healers are anti-vaxxers, because they tend to be the loudest. So no, not all healers are anti-vaxxers and not all anti-vaxxers are in the Spiritual/ “New Age” Community. 

A couple of weeks ago,on Instagram, there was a licensed Master Herbalist I follow and she too was advocating for medicine, urging people not to listen to the quacks online that are claiming to have the cure or to oppose CDC recommendations. A couple of minutes of her post being up, her comments were invaded with an onslaught of attacks from people IN OUR OWN COMMUNITY!!! I am talking about Reiki Masters, Spiritual Coaches, Crystal Healers…you name it, they were loudly represented in bashing this woman. In addition, they went as far as hoping she didn’t have children to make sick (she was a mother). Come the F on! Really? It’s not a far stretch for people to think we are crazy and scammers if the same people who are claiming to be light workers and “positive vibes only” are leading the horde in attacking someone else for straying slightly from their own beliefs IN THEIR OWN COMMUNITY!!!

So, NO, not all “New Age” or Spiritual mentors or Healers or whatever you want to  call us, are opposed to Western or Traditional Medicine, there are many of us who are strong advocates of both, and my dream world, your therapist, your doctor and your energy healer will all be under the same roof making sure all facets of you are healthy and you are taken of. 

And for those who are here that are part of the community and don’t believe in traditional medicine, don’t think I am against your or that this is to bash you indirectly or think you are not entitled to your opinions, but I hope we can respect each other and learn from each other in a positive way. 

How Can We Break this Stereotype?

Talk about it. Literally that’s it. Spread your knowledge and ask people to not buy into the stereotype. Educate someone. I have had plenty of moments where I have had to clarify my stance with someone because they automatically think “OMG, crystal healing, yikes!” and yes, I believe in alternative healing but I also believe I need to go to the doctor when I’m in not well. 

I will post a follow up to this post and share how and why traditional and alternative medicine work in conjunction with each other and it’s all energy. 

I’ll see you for the next post. In the mean time, fight the good fight and spread the good vibes. 

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