Gracias and Thank You

If you have ever heard my podcast (Spilling The Tea Leaves) , you know I am very open and often talk about my childhood experiences and traumas. From an abusive father to a struggle with spirituality and the divine. As I sit here thinking of everything I have lived and will be living, I can’t help but sit in gratitude. Yes, even after living what can only be described as a pretty shitty childhood, I am still grateful for even that because I was able to grow into this perfectly flawed person today…and I’m still pretty cool. 

Those events have allowed me to see the opposite of love, understanding, friends, gifts, and blessings. I can fully comprehend how we can fully appreciate the light when we know darkness. 

My birthday is coming up and all this time at home has given me plenty of opportunity to reflect. I sit in front of my computer today, complete with microphone, a new backdrop, with my daughter playing nearby, a Nintendo Switch ready to go to play Animal Crossing (Mother’s Day gift), a warm sweater, food in my tummy, crystals to my right and dogs to my left and a husband building a giant Hogwarts lego set in the next room  and damn it if I am not absolutely happy and grateful to the Universe, to my family, my friends and all of you, reading these words. 


I ask you that you give yourself permission today to just say “Thank you”, even to less than stellar experiences. Bad break up? “Thank you Universe for showing me I deserve better”. Low bank funds? “Thank you Universe for the abundance that is coming my way”. Locked in? “Thank you Universe for being able to have a safe place to stay”. I promise you can find even a sliver of gratitude in a bad situation, even if it’s just to say “I am alive today, thank you!”. This is not to say that the experience may not hurt or it feels pretty crappy, but to shift your mindset into accepting the positive that will be coming your way. Yes, sometimes it all sucks, but it doesn’t have to suck so hard. 

I hope all of you are handling this new shift in the best way possible. We are all traversing through so many changes and life adjustments and some of us are lucky enough to just the minimum experience. 

Dear Anxiety, Stop it!

Even when we sit in gratitude, our emotional side can get the better of us and instead we end up sitting in a big puddle of anxiety. Sometimes the pre-wired human defense mechanisms backfires on us and we have anxiety simply from waking up in the morning. 

Personally,  my anxiety comes from things that I want to do but for some reason can never enough hours in the day to take care of my responsibilities at home AND start 40 new projects and like right now, I feel my heart racing and my leg start to bounce and I struggle to inhale that much deeper. I have to remind myself that it’s okay and everything will happen at the right time. 

And while thinking of calming the f down works sometimes, sometimes I need a full on distraction. Enter coloring pages. I LOVE TO COLOR! I always had since I was a little kid. Sometimes while I am working and waiting for something to load, I grab my markers and start to work on one of my coloring books. 

So, here is my little gift to you… A COLORING PAGE that you can print out at home…WOOHOOO!!!!! 

THANK YOU Diana over at for creating such a peaceful and so ME Coloring Page. I can’t wait to start coloring mines tonight! I hope you enjoy it and take the message of “Remember Love” to heart. Please make sure you pay Didi a visit at her website, or where I like to keep up with her, on Instragram @PaperYarnMoon

Sending you all love and light always.

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coloring page
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