One of the truths in this world is that women have been conditioned to be competitive with other women. Many women have been primed to immediately hate the prettiest girl in the room, envy the most successful and look down on the have-not’s. Movies have been made with this stereotype as its main plot.  Media loves to compare women against each other ,  “Who wore it best” is a quick way to pit females against each other. Reality TV loves to show women at each others throat for absolutely no flipping reason. Female On-line small business owners, working towards shutting down other shops because they are direct competition. The “Spiritual” or “New Age” community has an entire fleet of women against other women ( This one is the most mind-blowing for me). One accuses the other of not being “spiritual/psychic/enlightened or connected ” enough.There is a whole sub-culture of moms criticizing other moms for  staying home/working outside of the home/cooking certain meals/being single/dating / not disciplining enough / disciplining too much/…this list goes on and on. When do we say ENOUGH? STOP! This is exhausting.

Why is this pushed so much by our society? Why is this so acceptable to us? And why, as females. do we continue to perpetuate this stereotype that only serves to cut us down? Simple reason…the more divided we are the less we can do. Divide and Conquer.

When I first arrived to Abu Dhabi, I was innocently scrolling through a local FB page looking for tips, advice and some general information about our new home. Someone had recently posted a question asking how much should they expect to pay for a Reiki session. WHOA! I was IN! This was my THING! I innocently answered what the usual rates are back home and how much my fees were with my clients, just to give them an idea of what to expect. **BOOM** I was happy that there were people interested in energy healing. Then, a message in my Inbox. To summarize the message, a local lady told me to pretty much  NOT announce that I do Reiki that there are people here that are vicious and they will do whatever necessary to cut me down and take my clients. That I would be immediately reported to the authorities if someone ever saw a client in my home…then she invited me to lunch. I was floored and to be honest, scared! That small exchange changed my perspective on my local business and I completely went inward for a FULL YEAR. I would not share what I did with strangers and when I would share,  it would only be very tiny details and I would never the go into the full scope of what I did, or LOVE to do. I found out later, this lovely lady also considered herself an energy healer and was simply trying to “protect” her business by breaking down someone elses. What she actually did was shut down someone who could of potentially HELPED her business and people. She tried to dim someone else’s light so that hers could shine brighter. I know I let her get the best of me and I take full responsibility for that, but by her trying to be “better” than someone else, by living in a place of fear (losing finances, clients, her business and/or credibility), she did a lot more damage to the world around her than actual good.

Us Goddesses have to learn to change our mind set and instead of coming from a place of fear, make all decisions and interactions come from a place of love and light. Instead of thinking there isn’t enough for both of us, trust that there is enough to go around. Know that by lifting up your fellow Goddess sisters, you lift yourself up too. BREAK DOWN THIS DUMB ASS STEREOTYPE! We DO NOT need to break down another woman for us to rise higher.

So, for this new year, I propose and exercise to practice daily, that I guarantee you will shift your perspective and not only lift you up, but make you feel better about yourself. My challenge to you is  that every day for the next 2 weeks, you compliment a total Goddess stranger (or friend). Literally, go up to any female and compliment her on something, anything! Bonus points if it goes beyond something superficial.

What’s the point of this? We are going to take a sledge hammer to that wall that we put up with each other. Fuck the “You can’t sit with us” bullshit, EVERY BODY IS INVITED TO MY TABLE!  As a matter of fact, I won’t start eating until you are at my table!

Enough with the petty crap, the side eye, the “there is only enough for me attitude”…there is enough and you are just as amazing as me, I am just as amazing as you, and she is just as amazing as the next girl. We don’t need to compete with each other, but we do need to be united with each other. Don’t let them split you up! There is power in groups and our Goddess group is the most powerful force their is. So, please, come sit with me at my table, we are waiting for you, sister.


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