Welcome to the first of a series of posts called “Good Morning Goddess”. This is dedicated for all my females and those connected to their female energy. It is a series intended to uplift, inspire and hopefully cause some much needed change. A change in this planet’s energy is desperately needed.

I want to dedicate our first ever post at a word that has been used, reused, reclaimed, unclaimed, loved, hated and celebrated…BITCH! Many women have claimed this word for themselves and use it often with each other (and yes, I have used this word often too. To be clear, I am not holding judgment on those who use it, these are just my thoughts on it).

Let’s start with the definition of “Bitch”:

noun 1:the female of the dog, wolf, fox, etc.

2. Archaic :lewd or promiscuous woman

3. Slang:a woman regarded as malicious, bad-tempered, or aggressive

a term of contempt

4. Slang: anything especially unpleasant or difficult

5. US Slang: a complaint

verb intransitive

6. US Slang: to complain

verb transitive Slang

7. to bungle usually with up

8. to behave spitefully or angrily toward

Yeah, not entirely sure where the positivity is but…okay.
When artists use it in their songs…OMG, to me it is nails on a chalk board. Why are we accepting this? Why is this word ever okay? Why are we not up in arms and upset that we are being put down in world? We get upset when our rights are violated but calling us a derogatory name on a song that has made millions “Okay cool!” I SAY NO FUCKING WAY! Not acceptable, not okay.
Now, I hear you “but it’s a word that we are proclaiming for ourselves, by owning, it loses is powers”. Not really though…because we still use it to tear each other down, tear down our sisters and ourselves. So, I propose, instead of saying “Bitch, you look good”, we should say “Goddess, you look good”, “Yassssssss Goddess”,  “You are such a Goddess”. When we compliment each other, lets actually build each other up instead of building up and breaking us down in the same sentence.
Don’t forget, words are extremely powerful. Words are spells that we use daily and those spells are what we call forth into our reality, what we manifest. If we can put a spell on the world and put women back in their rightful place , at the head of the throne, at the head of world, in leadership positions, in power position, as president of countries, with droves of women encouraging and uplifting them…OMG, we will literally change the direction this planet is going into something worth saving.
Stop at take a minute and look at the world right now. You don’t really have to look far, just turn on the news and revel in the fuckery that is our planet right now. Lets change this shit! Change it! My sisters, we need to wake up! WE ARE THE CHANGE THIS WORLD NEEDS RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!! Lets lift each other up, get involved, be true to who YOU are (not what they tell you you should be) and shake it up.
I am hoping that you will take this journey with me with “Good Morning Goddess” and we can make the transformation NOW.
Rebel Goddess’ UNITE!
Love and Light to all my sisters,
Michelle M.