Good Morning my Beautiful Goddesses.

Today I wanted to personally reach out to you and give you this message. You are probably waiting for a sign, a message from the Universe…we’ll today, I am your messenger…FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION! I can’t say this enough! Trust that voice in your head, look at for those signs. The universe is providing you with all the messages you need but you have to be willing to turn off the head chatter and listen.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I tend NOT to shut my brain up and just listen…I’m actually quite the opposite, its hard for my brain to ever STFU! BUT, I am trying and I am often times surprised that the universe answers all my questions at the right time…even a few messages (that I did not ask for) from to let me know how I’m doing on my path.

Since the moment we begin to form our own opinions, society has worked hard to try to shut off our thought process and our intuition. From children who thrive with a wild imagination to sheeple, mindlessly filling whatever void we may have with material possessions.  I challenge you to take back your power, to follow your inner voice and trust that it won’t lead you astray. I even will go as far as saying, QUESTION EVERYTHING you think you know. Challenge yourself and see if what you believe in is really what you TRULY believe it and not something that was TOLD to you as truth and gospel. It takes a truly enlightened person to step outside of themselves and analyze their belief system.

**I feel like I have gone off the rails a bit on this post, allow me to return** Follow your Intuition, Goddesses. If you feel a strong pull to  help that homeless person you walk past everyday on your way to work…do it! Approach that other Goddess at the grocery store who looks a bit sad and try to start a conversation with her, she may just need a person to talk to for a bit. That healing store you swear you will visit next week, go in today. You are being pulled to take a class on something you are interested in…sign up. Not entirely sure how to proceed…ask for a sign! I personally ask for rainbows as a sign. If I am meant to do something, I’ll ask for a specific sign from the universe and give it a day or hours or minutes, and take the appearance (or lack thereof) as a sign. Just do it. Follow what your gut tells you AT LEAST once a day until it becomes second nature to you and you will be amazed at how your world will start lifting you higher and opening more doors than you every dreamt possible. Look for signs or just shut up and listen. The universe is talking and your intuition is translating.

See you next time, my rising Goddesses.

Love and Light,