In the recent years, there has been a vast interest of crystals and gemstones and their believed benefits. (On a personal level, I love that so many people are sort of waking up and taking advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer both in vibrational energy and physical sustenance) It’s like a re-awakening of sorts and as more and more wonderful humans work at raising their vibrational energies,we can start seeing a shift with society as a whole. How awesome is THAT! Let’s get to changing the world!

For many empaths, the curiosity of the how crystals and gemstones can work in their daily lives, is a natural question, especially with how they can be used to protect themselves from low vibrational energies. I believe that by raising your own vibes you are able better to “shield” or “protect” yourself and yes, crystals can help with that. There are thousands of stones and hundreds and thousands of variations of crystals, each with its own intention and attributes, all amazing if I do say so myself.

One of the crystals that I always recommend is Smoky Quartz especially for those who are sensitive to others energies. It is one of the best grounding stones available.  The best part of this stone is that is can transmute almost unlimited amounts of negative energy, even from our own thoughts. When we worry, have bouts of anxiety or stress, our fear based thoughts can sometimes get the best of us and exude low vibrational thoughts and we don’t like that do we? Smoky Quartz helps by absorbing these vibes and then breaking the negative feedback. It helps getting out of the funk we can sometimes get ourselves into. It is one of my favorites and I wear mines daily thanks to a recommendation from a group of intuitives. For those with psychic inclinations, Smoky Quartz can bring supernatural phenomena down to your own auric field and into physical views. This is an easy and beautiful stone to start getting your toes wet into the crystal world. This is certainly one of the crystals that should be in everyone’s collection and should be used to meditate with daily.

Another beautiful crystal that absolutely has to be in your collection is Amethyst. Yes, that purple, vibrant and sparkly stone has long been used as a stone of spiritual protection and purification.  For centuries, Amethyst has also been used to help in breaking up bad habits and aiding in the expulsion of obsessions and addictive traits.  Amethyst is primarily known for activation your crown chakra and your third eye, especially when used during meditation by simply holding it, placing it on your third eye while lying down or on the top of your head. This is also a great crystal for dream recall by placing a piece under your pillow while you rest, plus, it’s protective properties creates sort of a safe space  or “bubble” around you of high vibrational energy. For those who are looking at it to aid in a spiritual connection with whatever your Source, Amethyst can help, even helping you connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides (if that is what vibes with you, of course). Amethyst is such an abundant and easy crystal to acquire that it is readily available in many shops or online (check out our own collections).

Not “vibing” with Amethyst? No problem, Onyx, yes, that shiny black stone that is probably sitting at the back of your jewelry box. This is a wonderful stone that is believed to help not only by helping you find your inner strength but also facilitates in giving you the push to set your boundaries, as well as helping with defending against low vibrational energies that are being directed towards you. What’s more, this stone can assist with centering your own energy and aligning it with your higher power as well as rebalancing the energies within our own bodies.  Onyx is a brilliant stone for meditation, working with your Root chakra, your Solar Plexus and your Third Eye chakra.  One of the attributes that also makes Onyx a perfect stone for empaths is that it aids in calming anxiety and nervousness while promoting healthy confidence and self-control. So, if you are invited to a party that you want to or have to attend(thank you Boss!), pick up an Onyx stone to put in your pocket or a piece of jewelry to wear. It should take some of the edge of having all those energies swarming you at once. As a side note, there are pieces called worry stones (that I absolutely love), and are made from pretty much any crystal that you can want. Worry stones have a small indentation where you are able to rub it between your finger and your thumb, activating its energies and helping in taking care of the fidgeting habits we pick up when we get nervous or the feels become too overwhelming.

There are plenty of other crystal and stones that can also help with raising your vibrational energies and blocking those low ones. I can write pages upon pages of information on these other pieces but I’ll spare you your eyes. A few others worth mentioning are Black Obsidian, Black Kyanite, Black Tourmaline,  Fire Agate, Amber (yes, technically not a stone but still does the job), Selenite, Bloodstone, and Tiger’s Eye (just to name a few). I highly recommend you become familiar with your stones on an individual level, what work for one person may not work for another. As an example, I vibe heavily with Amethyst, but Black Tourmaline is too intense for me, to the point that it gives me nightmares. Get familiar with them, meditate with them, keep them near, sleep with them, take them out to dinner, whatever you need to, but make them your own and they won’t let you down.

Finally, there is one thing I always recommend, whether you consider yourself and empath or not, smudge! Yes, smudge your crystals, smudge your space, smudge yourself, your bedroom, anything and everything (Go Smudge Yourself!). Whether you prefer to use sage bundles or palo santo, this is a good way to ensure you are removing energies that no longer serve you. A quick meditation will also always help stay in top vibrational shape too.

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  1. As a fellow empath, I have found that Onyx works really well for me. I wear it daily. I’m excited to experiment with some of the others you mentioned. Great post, thanks for sharing ?

    1. I am still looking for a nice chunk of onyx to wear daily. I have a ring that belonged to my mother and I wear it regularly. Let me know how you feel with the other stones. I look forward to seeing how it went. Love and Light!
      -Aurora Sage

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