What Crystals Should You Wear for 2022

What Crystals you should carry with you in the New Year is probably one of the most popular questions we get when a new year starts. You will absolutely have different answers for this question and reasons and that is because everyone’s needs are different. Here I will recommend the top three crystals that most can benefit from in 2022. Energetically speaking, most of us are experiencing a lot of changes, losses, and heavy shifts coming out of 2021, so take the recommendations that work with you and leave the rest OR come save this and come back if you feel you need another piece in your crystal arsenal.

Recommended Stones for the New Year, 2022

Smoky Quartz

It’s no surprise Smoky Quartz is on this list. Smoky Quartz is the one stone that I have recommended for the past 5 years (and with obvious reason). Smoky Quartz can transmute almost unlimited amounts of negative energy. It also includes transmitting negative talk from yourself. Yes, we all have that inner dialogue that sometimes isn’t the kindest or downright rude, but smoky quartz can help create an energetic barrier so we aren’t feeding into energies that are not serving us. Often times we create our own blockages and this stone can assist in stopping self- sabotaging. 

At its most basic, smoky quartz is a grounding stone. It allows us to live in theCrystals for the New Year 2022 present moment in this earthly realm. It gives us the opportunity to make plans that can seem like castles in the sky by helping us break it down to build a solid foundation to get there. 

For those using Smoky Quartz for spiritual growth, it helps in seeing energies more clearly and without judgment. It can allow for easier manifestation (especially if your smoky quartz piece has golden rutiles). If you consider yourself a healer or an empath, I encourage you to wear this stone regularly with and without your clients, along with frequent cord-cutting of course. 

Does Smoky Quartz need to be cleansed? Yes! Although not as often as others, it’s always a good idea to get into the habit of cleansing all your stones.


Aventurine is one of those underrated stones. It’s not particularly eye-catching or structurally interesting and is often found in tumbled form, but it is a mighty green stone. It is a heart-centered stone, working directly with your heart chakra. It helps its user move with confidence and hope when we undergo changes and transformations. Aventurine can also help in releasing emotional attachments or feelings that no longer serve your betterment. It can help increase vitality and bring back that optimism and assist in finding happiness in life again. 

Aventurine is also a stone of luck. If you are in a situation where you need luck on your side, Aventurine should be your handy sidekick. It also is a stone when taking a chance at the change in life as it also helps in manifesting by also taking heart lead action. 


Larimar is a blue gemstone that is only found on Hispanola Island. Its popularity has been steadily rising in the last few years and with reason. It allows for clear and enhanced communication. It allows you to speak your truth, directly from the heart without being muddled with over emotion and with the rise of arguments, disagreements, and fighting that has happened in the last two years, largely due to miscommunication or a simple inability to understand, this stone is largely needed. 

Larimar also allows us to tap into our feminine energies and give us the ability to act and speak from a space of awareness, compassion, and healing. It is also believed to bring balance to our actions as it unites the sky and the ocean, bringing harmony from two extremes. 

In addition, especially as a crystal for the new year, it helps dissipate and diffuse volatile energies such as anger and rage. Like taking a cool shower when you have been in the sun too long. Many users report Larimar to help with fears, stress, and anxiety. This is my own personal go-to this year. 

Which Crystal Should YOU Wear for the New Year?

If you have been following me long enough, you know what my answer is: Take whatever resonates with you and leave the rest. While I do recommend these stones for the new year since so many of us can benefit from them, you may not necessarily need all of them OR you may need one of them 5 months from now. 

Either way, from the Remember Love Family, I want to wish you a peaceful and love-filled 2022. May your spiritual, healing, and earthly journey be filled with hope, and inspiration for your highest good. 


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