So yours truly, Remember Love was on Netflix’s  new documentary, Mucho Mucho Amor. Mucho Mucho Amor shares the story of Walter Mercado, an iconic and legendary Astrologer that was part of the Latinx culture, especially in communities in the US. 

I cannot begin to explain how HUGE this is for me and the opportunity it is for US to spread the message of Love, Kindness and Positivity. 

If you haven’t watched the documentary, please do yourself a favor and indulge in an hour and a half of amazingness. 


I was honestly not expecting this amazing surprise. I am grateful that I got to share Remember Love’s Message on such a HUGE platform like Netflix…even if it was just a meme.

Gracias to the producers for choosing this meme (Papi Chulo. If you watched the documentary you would understand).

I shared my full reaction on my recent podcast episode. Take a listen HERE or click PLAY below.

And Now, for the Meme that put Remember Love on the Netflix map (even if it was like 10 seconds but I’ll take it!)

Walter Mercado Meme. Walter Mercado in luxurious green cape gesturing with hands open.