I know you have seen this word “light worker” basically everywhere you look. It’s a one of the top most popular hashtags in IG within the New Age, Spiritual and Yoga community (which, let’s be honest, there are a billion of    those). It’s one of the hottest topics for authors in the same realm and podcasts in the same subject throw this word out like candy to kids (or me, I like candy). There are hundreds of online tests that check if you are a Light Worker. It asks if you see repeating numbers (often called Angel Numbers, which by the way, it’s enough to drive you crazy), it asks about chakras, your favorite crystals, your favorite color, number, name, lines on your hands, toes on your right foot, way you walk, talk, breathe, how you go to the bathroom, whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, whether you like chicken nuggets or chicken wings….EXHAUSTING!

But what is it really? What does being Light worker mean? And are you Light Worker? What does a Light worker do?

Let’s tackle each question one at a time.

What is a Light Worker?

A light worker is someone who is dedicated to literally bringing their light. Someone who chooses to share their positive attitude with others. It means someone who Light Worker Remember Lovemake a conscious effort to be kind and to help others. It’s someone who can inspire others to heal themselves. A light worker doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual person but someone who believes in raising the energy or shifting the energy into positivity instead of feeding into negativity.  This can be as simple as making sure you are kind to whoever you meet during your day to helping someone who may be in need. It can be advocating for the voiceless or the unheard by being their voice and through prayer or meditation. Sometimes it can be as simple as apologizing to someone when you’ve done nothing wrong in order to diffuse a situation. It can mean being there to listen. There are millions of ways you can practice being a light worker, it doesn’t have to contained or defined in a box. If you feel good when you leave a situation or an interaction with someone, then you have done Light Worker work.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating being a doormat either. Healthy boundaries should be established to protect your own energy. You don’t want to make yourself sick either at the sake of saving someone else.

Are you a Light Worker?

Well…are you? Ask yourself? Do you genuinely want to bring forth your own genuine and special light to bring up the vibrations of this planet and it’s inhabitants? Do you want to do good and hep or guide those around you? Do you enjoy sharing your special gift or ability, whatever that may be, to the world around you? Then congratulations, you are a Light Worker!

So you are a Light Worker…now what?

You carry on with your life and carry on in a way that represents who you are as an enlightened and positive being. Take every opportunity to work your Light Worker ways. Take every interaction as a chance to start the ripples of a positive energy wave. The ultimate goal is to cause enough ripples among all the Light Workers to cause a giant wave of some much needed change.

Are all Light Workers Spiritual people?

Yes and No. Many Spiritual People are a**holes and many non-spiritual people are the grandest Light Workers you will ever meet. Don’t worry about labels and who does what. For example, I love working with crystals and meditation and enjoy focusing energies with Reiki and such. I also make it a point to just be kind to the people around me in hopes of having a positive influence on their day. You don’t need to go out and fill your house with crystals or sage or meditation mats, do what feels right to you. In time, you will refine and master what your higher purpose is  or what you are called to do. Don’t focus on the material, but focus on what’s inside and what you share on the outside.

So, are you a Light Worker? Join the club. Let’s get to work!