First and foremost I apologize for the silence in my blog. Unfortunately, I had an unexpected medical issue that required immediate surgery. There has been an outpouring of love for me and I totally appreciate that. I am totally okay now. I needed some time to recover and it’s been a slower than I thought process. While I am healing, working has been sporadic.

Amethyst makes Everything Better

And can I just stay it honestly feels like it’s mid March already. January was way too long for me! Thank goodness it is over!

Also, if you have been following us, you may have noticed a few changes on our website. We have updated our SHOP link but you can also still purchase from our Etsy shops (RL and RL Designs).  In addition to that, if you ever see me post a piece in progress from our Instagram that you love, please send me a message or a DM and I’ll be more than happy to hold it for you.

And finally, we will be taking a 2 weeks Hiatus at the end of March because I will be traveling to Tokyo and Kyoto!!!! I am beyond excited to visit Japan and cannot wait to take a million pictures and visit some Temples. If you have any travel tips, please slide them my way.

I hope every one is having a much better start to the New Year than I am. I promise it’s better now and I cannot wait to continue creating high vibing pieces for you.

Now, I can’t decide whether to drive to Starbucks or make coffee myself…  😉

Love and Light always,