Learn Crystal Reiki Online

Yes, you can learn crystal reiki online from a certified teacher. You don’t need any experience with crystals just a willingness to learn and practice regularly.

All your attunements are done with a surrogate in your place and you meet your master energetically. That means, during your attunements you should be in meditation to accept the attunements. 

What is Crystal Reiki?

Crystal Reiki is a new healing modality that builds on the principles ofCrystal Reiki Healing Session traditional reiki to provide healing and harmony to the body. Traditional reiki is a no touch therapy but with the inclusion of crystals.  When learning crystal reiki, you have to become familiar with some of the healing characteristics of the individual stones, but once you become comfortable using crystals and stones, you can just follow your own intuition

Are the Symbols for Traditional Reiki and Crystal Reiki the Same?

Crystal Reiki also has it’s own symbols that are independent of traditional reiki. Some of these symbols can be used as part of a crystal grid when doing long distance sessions, other can be used directly on the client. Many can be used during the individuals ritual work, for example Full Moon rituals. There is no wrong way to use the symbols and additionally, you can create your own!  the benefit of learning Crystal Reiki Online with  is that you have access to all the symbols , even as they are inspired and created. 

What is the difference between Crystal Reiki and Crystal Therapy?

The biggest difference is that in crystal therapy or a crystal practitioner is that there is no attunement of sacred symbols. Both Reiki and crystals have been used throughout cultures (called by different names) and history but it is until modern times that these two modalities have been blended providing a more in-depth opportunity at healing at a spiritual level and emotional level. 

In both Crystal Reiki and Crystal Therapy, there is a basic knowledge of stones, characteristic and healing properties, but in Crystal Reiki, there is a lineage and access to spiritual and energetic knowledge that comes with it. 

Both are wonderful healing modalities, but there is more opportunity for energetic healing with Crystal Reiki. 

What does the Healing Process Look Like?

Start to finish for each individual recipient can look and feel different. The goal of the practitioner is always to provide a relaxing and judgement free zone. For those receiving the treatment, the process can also vary, it can be a relaxing and meditative session and other times it can bring up a lot of suppressed emotions and traumas. Neither result is labeled “good” or “bad”. For the practitioner, this is just part of the process the recipient has to go through in order to achieve energetic harmony and healing. 

From a technical standpoint, Crystal Reiki is a no touch session. The only potential for physical touch is when the trained practitioner lays the stones on the client. It should go without saying but clothes stay on! You can remove your shoes and any large jewelry. It is recommended that you wear  lose fitting clothing so you can be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your session. 

Those practitioners that have learned Crystal Reiki Online with me, Remember Love, are trained to acquire information from the client to try to hone in on potential imbalances and blockages. My students have worked to become familiar with the proper symbols, what crystals to use and how to use them. It should also go without saying but any practitioner worth their salt would should keep EVERYTHING that has been discussed in the session private. If there is threat of self harm or harm to others, this should be reported to the proper authorities, but everything else is kept private.

Can It Heal?

No…but sometimes. This has been a largely debated topic within the Holistic Community. I can offer you my own thoughts on this: 

Spiritual and emotional  disharmony can cause physical manifestations of pain and dis-ease. I believe once a person has reached a physical manifestation of their emotional or spiritual disharmony, medical intervention is absolutely required. This has mean we have gone past energetic unbalance and full blown manifestation of this unbalance. For example, an unbalance throat chakras can lead to throat pain or even susceptibility to throat infections. Crystal Healing won’t cut it at that point, you need a doctor. 

Sometimes, we may be able to catch the disharmony in time in order to treat it but, with that being said, crystals are NEVER meant to CURE any illness (either mental or physical) and a good practitioner will be honest and upfront with that. Holistic Medicine works best in conjunction with traditional medicine. Crystal Therapy, Crystal Reiki or any sort of Holistic Healing should never replace the advise or recommendation of a licensed Health Care Practitioner. 

Finally, if any Crystal practitioner tells you to stop taking your medication, RUN! This is not a good practitioner and in fact is doing a disservice to you and to the  Holistic community. 

Do you Need a Large Collection of Crystals to Start ?

You don’t! As a matter of fact, this can be the place where you get started to start growing your collection with intent. It’s always good to be mindful of how collecting stones can affect the environment and Mother Earth, so knowing what crystals you want to start with early is amazing. 

To start, you can always have a piece of clear Quartz. Clear Quartz is the only stone that you can program with any intent and can replace any stone that you don’t have or need for specific healing. Bonus is that this stone is abundant and can be found all over the world. 

As you learn Crystal Reiki Online, you will have the opportunity to grow your own collection and find students in our community that have stones readily available. 

Where can you learn Crystal Reiki Online?

Right here at Learn crystal Reiki online with Remember Healing. Continuing Mentor ship.Remember Love® Healing. I’m a Certified Crystal Reiki Master and teacher and I have been practicing Crystal Reiki for years and Crystal Healing for even longer.  You can get your certification through me. I am currently offering LIVE sessions and soon will include built in lessons so you can go at your own pace. 

The benefit of my course is that you obtain two certificates, one in Crystal Reiki and another in Usui Reiki. 

You can use Crystal Reiki for personal use, to add to your already existing business, or to start your own healing business. 

Not only do you get everything the attunements, text books, access to the FB page with other students, but you also get ongoing mentorship with me, Michelle! 

I hope you consider joining the growing list of students diving deep into ancient knowledge and unlocking the healing magic of crystals.