Self Love Bracelets Set


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If you are looking for a Self Love set for yourself or someone you love, then this is it. This set includes 3 gemstones bracelets that are cleansed, blessed, and reiki charged by a Crystal Reiki Master. This set also has the added bonus of some extra goodies.

What does this set include:

Morganite Bracelet: Morganite supports your heart chakra. It assists in letting in Divine Love and helping in lead our lives with more love and clarity. It is believed to help in processing previous worries and traumas.  Morganite can help in increasing confidence and compassion.

Rose Quartz Bracelet: A balm to the soul. It helps balance your heart chakra and allow for the wearer to be open to giving and receiving love. Rose Quartz helps the wearer balance the third eye and crown chakra with the heart chakra. It can soften our perception of ourselves and of our daily living by approaching things from a place of love instead of fear. Rose Quartz is also commonly used to help with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Amethyst Bracelet: Activates your third eye and your crown chakra, paired with Rose Quartz and Morganite, it opens up your connection to Divine Love and Self Love (BAM!). Amethyst is believed to offer psychic protection and highly recommended for those who are on a spiritual journey themselves. Amethyst allows us to connect easier to our intuition and quiet our mind to listen to our inner voice. In addition, Amethyst also cleanses our aura of stagnant or “negative” energies.

Your set also includes a few gifts from Remember Love:

  • One of our ethically sourced “Ugly” Palo Santo (find out why they are “ugly” here). With this you will be able to smudge your space and piece at home.
  • A handpicked crystals for you from Michelle, Crystal Reiki Master and Crystal Healer
  • An emailed explanation of the stone and it’s uses.
  • A list of mantras and affirmations
  • Remember Love’s exclusive Chakra Print.