Labradorite Palm Stone


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Labradorite is often called the “Stone of Magic”. We always imagine those who first discovered Labradorite for the first time thinking that it was lighting stuck in a rock.

Labradorite is often used as a stone to help increase intuition, psychic abilities, clairovoyance, telepathy and astral travel.  It is a great stone for meditation, especially when placed on the third eye to help with intuition.

What you get:

  • The exact Labradorite Palm Stone pictured. It will come cleansed and Reiki charged by our Crystal Reiki Master, Michelle
  • Our ethically sourced Ugly Palo Santo. Why ugly? Because it’s not shaved to look pretty or aesthetically pleasing. It comes in it’s rawest form which helps it burn better and allows us to give you bigger pieces. Palo Santo (AKA Holy Wood) has been used for centuries during spiritual rituals to clear the energetic space.
  • Ethically sourced Frankincense from Oman. Frankincense used to be more expensive than gold. It is also used for smudging and it often used to help relieve stress and aid in relieving headaches.
  • Our exclusive Chakra Print for your sacred space or for long distance healing work.
  • A crystal gift from us.
  • A list of our favorite mantras and affirmations.
  • Personal crystal Oracle Card Pull emailed directly to you. If you have a specific question for the card pull, please write it in notes at check out