Labradorite and Quartz Point Necklace

$180.00 $150.00

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Crystal Healing Jewelry

This necklace was created with the intention of Crystal Healing. Handcrafted by a Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher, each gemstone is hand selected and wire wrapped using a unique style that helps in preventing snapping or by not breaking easily. Each stone is triple wire wrapped, making it great for those who use their pieces regularly. All of our pieces come cleansed and Reiki charged so it is ready to use. Our Reiki charged jewelry is all handcrafted and one of a kind. 

What is Crystal Reiki Healing?

Crystal Healing is the belief that crystals and stones can help in healing us at the spiritual and emotional level. Each gemstone vibrates at a different frequency, many times matching our own frequencies to assist in healing. Combined with the already widely used symbols and training of traditional Reiki, it fuses both energy healing methodologies to provide a powerful Energy Healing Method. Please note that crystal  and Reiki healing are complementary therapies and should never to be used as an alternative or replace the recommendation of a licensed health care professional. 

What are the Crystal Healing Intentions of Labradorite and Quartz?

Labradorite works with all you chakras. It is a stone that amplifies the intuitive abilities of the wearer. It also helps the wearer in overcoming negative thought patterns a long with overcoming negative behavioral actions. Labradorite also helps with psychic protection and helps those who are just starting their spiritual journey. 

Quartz is a stone that can be programmed to whatever intention you want. By holding it in your hand and asking for what you need help with, it will assist you in manifesting your goal. Clear Quartz is also an amplification stone that helps amplifies the healing energies of stones around it. Clear Quartz works with all your chakras. 

Necklace Specifications:
  • Sterling Silver Wire
  • Labradorite Stone and Sterling Silver Electroplated Quartz Pendant
  • Length: 36″ about inches plus Quartz Pendant( from bail to end): 1.5″ about inches

Remember Love Kit

With your order, you will also receive our exclusive Remember Love Welcome Kit, which includes:

  • Our  Ugly Palo Santo so you can cleanse your piece at home. 
  • Our exclusive Chakra Print
  • A Handpicked Crystal 
  • A List of Our Favorite Mantras and Affirmations
  • A Full Explanation of your Stones.

Please Note:
Please allow 3-5 weeks (US Domestic) for delivery after purchase and up to 15 weeks for International. We prepare your piece in beautiful packaging along with full explanations of each one of a kind piece so you are informed of its full benefits along with proper care.

Additional Information:
  • Please be mindful that stones and gemstones have natural inclusions, chips and color variations, these are not defects. We are careful in choosing only the best for our pieces.
  • Please note that actual color may vary due to different displays.
  • Visit our Policies for additional answers to your questions.
  • Follow our official Instagram Page for discounts : @RememberLove
  • If you still have a question, please feel free to message me directly to .