Full Moon Crystal Reiki

Full Moon Crystal Reiki Session


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A Full Moon Group Crystal Reiki session is a the same as a normal long distance crystal reiki session except we use the energy of the Full Moon to to magnify our intentions and amplify our healing opportunities. 

Full Moon Crystal Reiki session takes place during the full moon. Full Moon energy lasts about 3 days after the main event, so we feel her vibrations long after its over. 

This session  great addition for those who already have their own full moon practices but are wanting additional healing. 

Full Moon is the height of it’s cycle. It helps us achieve and manifest our intentions along with cutting ties with what no longer serves us. Energies are amplified during Full Moon, so I always start with grounding for everyone who has signed up. 

Join me and others in this sacred ritual and experience it for yourself.

When is the next Full Moon Crystal Reiki Session?

November 30th, 2020 –  (Sturgeon Moon)

I will be relocating, therefore all Full Moon Reiki Session from July-Nov will not be offered. We are considering offering these sessions in person (socially distanced and following local laws), so please be on the look out for those. For the most up to date, follow me on Instagram: @RememberLove

Joining us for the Long Distance Full Moon Crystal Reiki Session?

  • Once you sign up, leave a note at check out if there is anything you would like me to focus on. You can include anything, especially if you are starting a new project or you want to manifest goodness for yourself. 
  • Make sure you stay hydrated before and after the session. You will receive two personal emails from me, before and after you Crystal Reiki Session
  • Your last email from me will include anything that may have come through along with an Oracle Card Pull. 
  • In all our sessions, I include a full chakra re-balancing for everyone and crystal recommendations. 

I thank you for allowing me to have the opportunity to host such a sacred experience and I hope you get the most out of this Long Distance Full Moon Group Crystal Reiki Session. 

If you prefer your own private session, please click HERE

I do also host regular group sessions HERE

If you would like to follow me and learn about my process, please follow me @RememberLove on Instagram.