Custom Crystal Healing Necklace


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What is custom Crystal Healing Jewelry?

Remember Love creates custom jewelry based on your own private Intuitive Crystal Reading Session.

Michelle, a certified Crystal Reiki Master and Crystal Therapist will provide the reading and then we will communicate and create a piece recommended based on your reading. 

This is a unique product that is not found anywhere else, and proudly sets Remember Love and our jewelry, apart from everyone else. 

I am really proud to be able to be offering this service and product again. Although this is a very time involved service, it gives the opportunity to connect with my clients one on one. This service is extremely limited, so if you happen to run into this listing while it’s listed as “Out of Stock”, I promise it will be back soon. To be the first to know, make sure to follow me on Instagram.

What do you get with this purchase?
  • A private Intuitive Crystal Reading with Michelle
  • A custom made necklace designed based on your reading. Please note that all pieces are handmade and include your preferred material, either sterling silver or gold-filled with authentic and vetted gemstones
  • Preview of your necklace before it’s created
  • Necklace will come cleansed, reiki charged and blessed
  • Ethically sourced Palo Santo (Holy Wood),with directions on how you can cleanse and smudge your piece at home
  • Meaning of stones (e-mailed) that is included in your necklace
  • A crystal gift 
  • Access to our Discord Community