Crystal Reiki Certification Level I; Miami, Florida - June 13, 2020

CANCELED-Crystal Reiki Level I Education

$200.00 $150.00

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For those of you who have already reserved a spot, I have already started issuing refunds. Please check your inbox for an email from me. 

I am absolutely heart broken over this but your health and well being comes first. 

Please be on the look out for an e-course from Remember Love Healing. 

Stay Safe and Stay Home. 

Love and Light,


Crystal  Reiki Certification Level I

Love and Light! For those who have been with me for a long time know my name is Michelle Melo. I am the owner of Remember Love Healing and a Crystal Reiki Master and Teacher.  I want to invite everyone to a Crystal Reiki Certification Course I am hosting in Miami on June 13, 2020. I am so excited about connecting with you and having a bonding experience. Spend the day with me as we talk about healing, crystals, reiki and spirituality and spend one on one time with each other. I am grateful for the opportunity to teach you and share the gift of energy healing. 

What is it?

Crystal Reiki is the fusion of two healing modalities, traditional Usui Reiki and Crystal Healing Therapy.

Usui Reiki  is traditional Reiki Healing of laying of “healing hands”. The “healer” uses their hands to guide life force energy to the recipient to help with energetic imbalances within the body or their surrounding energies.  The “healer” can use this  modality on themselves and on others. Everyone has the ability to perform Reiki, a certification course gives your the knowledge and the symbols to hone in on this skill. 

Crystal Therapy uses the energetic healing powers of crystals to also help with imbalances within the body, both emotional and spiritual. Crystals have their own energetic healing signatures and this workshop is aimed at learning about the best crystals to use for energetic imbalances. This includes where to lay the crystals during a therapy session and the best ways to keep them working at their highest vibrations. I encourage you, if you have a favorite crystal (or 10) bring them along!

This workshop will certify you in both Usui Reiki Level I and Crystal Reiki and Therapy healing modalities, so you will get two certificates to mark your accomplishment on your spiritual journey. 

We will spend plenty of time to practice each healing method with your fellow students. 

When and Where?

Saturday, June 13, 2020, Crystal Reiki Certification Course in Miami in the Doral area (exact location will be disclosed after registration).  

This will be a small event in effort to maintain an intimate and personal atmosphere for each of the souls attending (that would be you!). The estimated scheduled time will be from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm.

This event in Miami will only occur once in 2020 for Remember Love Healing, our next event will be a spiritual retreat in Nairobi, Kenya 2021.

What to Bring?

  • A curious and open mind
  • No previous knowledge required
  • Bring a yoga mat or towel
  • Bring a water bottle
  • Pen and notebook if you like to take notes

What You Will Get?

  • A handcrafted Reiki charged Mala Necklace
  • Two Certificates of Completion 
  • A crystal to start your private collection
  • Lunch 
  • Guide Book 
  • Immediate Opportunity to Practice Reiki

What to Expect?

Talking, sharing and lots of hands-on experience. We will be doing  Reiki and Crystal Therapy on yourself and your fellow students and learning how to feel the energy on your clients. 

Once you sign up, you will be added to our private email list and a closed FB page where we can connect with each other and be up to date on the event. 

As someone who has attended events like these, I promise you you will make deep connections with your fellow students and this is a nice way to keep in touch with each other and ask questions to each other. 

*Rate of $150 is an “Early Bird” rate, after March 10th, the will be a rate increase.* If we run out of space on the 13th, I will open a second date. 

Cancellation Policy:

Due to extremely limited seating, full payment is required when purchasing/reserving a spot in the course. Cancellation prior to March 1st, will incur a fee of $30.00. Cancellations after March 1st are non-refundable. You may transfer your reserved spot to someone else if you are unable to attend.  

Personal Note:

Keeping the Crystal Reiki Certification Course as an intimate event will allow me to focus on each individual, one on one, this is why I have decided to limit the number of students for this course. This will also give me the opportunity to give each person a gift, a handcrafted, Reiki infused Crystal Mala Necklace that you can use during spiritual journey. Out of all the things I am looking forward to, this is one of my favorite things, one of my creations out in the world highlighting the love on your spiritual journey.

On a final note, THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of this journey of Spiritual Empowerment. I am grateful that you have chosen me to walk you through this small part of your ever evolving odyssey. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

I would like to attend but can’t afford to pay for it all upfront. What can I do?

If you follow me long enough you know that one of my biggest platforms is that spiritual healing and progress should be available to everyone! If you cannot afford the rate at once, please please please email me, or DM me on Instagram at @RememberLove and I will create a payment plan that is comfortable for you. There is still plenty of time from here to June so let’s make this a reality for you. 

I’m coming from out of town, where can I stay?

The venue location has a very nice hotel room nearby that we can negotiate a discounted rate for you. Please let me know you will need a room and I can organize this part for you.

Does my religion allow for Crystal Reiki?

Crystals and Reiki in general doesn’t adhere to any religion or has any religious undertones, it is not religious. I will however will be discussing chakra, overall spiritual healing including working through limitations and talks about spirit guides and how you are supported by the Universe. 

 Do I need to own crystals already?

No. Come as you are. You don’t need to own crystals but if you feel called to working with them after the course, I will absolutely help you reach reputable dealers to come into your own collection. 

Does Reiki help cure medical conditions (Mental and or Physical):

Reiki is meant to be complementary therapy. It is NEVER to replace traditional medicine or the recommendations of a trained health care professional. I strongly believe in practicing SAFE energy healing and refuse to make promises to compromise the well being of ANY of my clients. 

I don’t feel comfortable being touched. Does Reiki healing require touching?

Reiki healing, although traditionally known as “laying hands” does not require touching. There is no touching or undressing happening like in massages where Reiki is offered as an “Add-On” to the service. I encourage the person receiving reiki to be as vocal as they need to so they are as comfortable as possible. Communication is key and I encourage all participants to be as active as possible. 

If you have any more questions, please email me at