Blue Moon -Micro Group Crystal Energy Healing Session

Special Blue Moon Session


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This is for a special session in 2020 for the Blue Moon in October.

What is a Micro Group Crystal Healing Session:

This is a  small (30 minutes) healing session for a small number of individuals. It involves a combination of Reiki Healing, overall energy healing and crystal healing for the group.  This particular session involves concentrating on removing energies that are no longer serving us. It will also focus on helping energy flow and allowing up to progress through this period with love and compassion for ourselves. If you would like to know about this Full Moon and it’s effects, please check out our latest podcast episode, Spilling The Tea Leaves, or check out a video link below.

Once complete, I will send a private video to the group with any information that may have come through and follow care for the individual. In addition, each individual member will get a private 3 card tarot read.

The aim of the session is to send soothing and focused energy to assist in balancing your chakras. In addition you can choose to send energy to a specific issue that you would like assistance with.

I will open the space for a limited amount of guest to receive a small 30 minute healing session, followed by and individual 3 tarot card read.

These sessions will be hosted once a month at designated date that will be announced in advance. Make sure to follow Remember Love on Instagram @RememberLove, to be up to date.

Exclusive Session for October 31st, 2020

How It Works:

  • Once you purchase this listing you will be automatically added to the session.
  • If you have something you will like me to focus on, please leave a comment in the check out notes.
  • I will send an email with details on the time and prep that you can do the most out of your session.
  • After  session is complete, I will send you a private link to a video with information regarding the session and follow up work that you can do. In addition, a second follow up email with your tarot spread and it’s interpretation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email to RememberLoveHealing@gmail.com  me directly or DM me on Instagram : @RememberLove


**Any services offered via Remember Love Healing or recommendations are not to replace or substitute the advice or guidance of a licensed Health Care Professional, or replace any professional or legal counsel. With any sort of energetic work and healing, results are not guaranteed.